Missing Person Search of a Long Lost Family MemberMissing Persons oftentimes aren’t really missing at all; they have just decided to lose contact with family members.  Take for instance the case where a female family member, Georgia, took off and never contacted anybody in her family with the exception of her cousin, who had recently died and did not provide any information to any other family member at the request of the missing person.  Georgia’s brother, who was gravely ill hired International Investigator to find her before he passed away.  He wanted to tell her how sorry he was for not standing up for her those many years ago.  Georgia had accused her uncle of inappropriate touching and nobody believed her because her uncle was a politician in a small town.  His outward appearance and demeanor would never indicate he would do anything as despicable as touch his young niece, but he had for years until one day, she snuck out in the night and never returned.

Her only contact was her older cousin who swore she would never let anybody know where she was.  Georgia had moved west and had gotten married to a local physician throughout the years she had three children and 6 grandkids.   Prior to leaving home, she never used her social security number or had a job.  To find a person usually start with a social security number, name and date of birth, but in this case, Georgia made it very difficult.  How to find missing persons and conducting a missing person search on an individual who obviously never wants to be found and is a woman are the most difficult to locate.

Having knowledge in the field and sophisticated databases is crucial in finding people and here at we never give up.  Georgia’s brother gave us several envelopes of poems she had written as a young girl.  The poems were always about the sunsets in the west and portrayed a young girl moving out west all alone in hopes to find peace and contentment.  We utilized a database that allowed the search criteria of “First Name” and “Date of Birth”.  At first we were unsuccessful, but then we learned there was an advocate in the state of Nebraska that had started a self-help group of young girls who had been molested.  Upon further research, the individual linked to the site was a female in her early 60’s by the name of Georgia.  A Missing Person search turned into a brother, who carried the burden of not standing up for his sister and a sister who felt so distraught that she left behind a family she would not grow old with.

We provided Georgia with the contact info for her brother and later, we learned he would be visited by his sister and was forgiven before his death three months later.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations