Is My Employee Being Honest?

Recently, I have been focusing on reasons to hire a Private Investigative Company to assist in finding the truth or finding information that would prove or disprove an allegation or an action. It’s difficult to ascertain if someone is being truthful or dishonest in their words or actions. They say actions speak louder than words. In the investigative world, if those actions lean towards dishonesty it is our job to obtain documentation (evidence) they exist. In this blog, my focus is the dishonesty of employees and the investigations we conducted that presented the truth.

Abusing FMLA, feigning injury and theft are reasons a company will call upon our services. We are hired to validate their claims. An employee can deny an allegation, but they cannot deny a video of their activity.

In one such case, an employee stated they could not lift their arm above their shoulder or lift it parallel to their body, therefore they were unable to perform their specified duties at work. After conducting surveillance and obtaining video of their activities, it was clear the employee not only was capable of raising their arm above their shoulder, but they could also actually raise their arm above their head, lift heavy objects and operate a vehicle without any difficulty. That’s a win for the employer.

Another employee claimed they were taking time off work to be a caretaker for their mother, when in fact, after video surveillance, the mother was in an assisted living facility. The employee did in fact visit with her daily for a few hours, but the remaining time was spent at a casino.

A Manufacturing Company requested our services as they learned from audits that there were shortages in product, and they narrowed the area to the “line workers”.  When the employees were approached, they denied any involvement. placed an Undercover Investigator as a temp employee within their organization and learned employees and the line supervisor were putting copper wire behind the dumpster during their smoke breaks and returned after hours to retrieve the stolen goods. We also obtained the name of the recycling company to which they were selling the wire.

A business owner called us as his business and personal accounts had been accessed and funds were withdrawn without his knowledge or authorization. He became aware of the misused accounts after the resignation of his secretary. She had taken it upon herself to not only access the company’s checking account, but also had used the company credit card for personal use, disguising it in their accounting system as “Vendors”. She also accessed his retirement account withdrawing thousands of dollars. Since his secretary was a family friend, he did not want to press criminal charges, he only wanted to determine if she had any funds to recoup. After we conducted an Asset Search on her, we determined there were no funds available for repayment.

If you have a situation within your company or organization that needs to be researched, investigated or you just need to consult with an outside source, , all in InvestigationsAll in Investigations., will be happy to listen to you, answer your questions or recommend an investigation that best suits your situation.

Brenda McGinley ~ , all in InvestigationsAll in Investigations, CEO