Insurance FraudWhen it comes to insurance fraud, the bad guys can be quite brazen. Take, for instance, a North Carolina couple who were arrested for insurance fraud and obtaining property by false pretense.

It is alleged that Mister filed a claim after an automobile accident with information about lost wages due to the accident. The couple is accused of inflating the amount of wages that were lost and, on top of that, the company he worked for did not even exist.

They went to a great deal of trouble to document wages and the company in order to file the claim.

Here at we are never surprised or taken aback by the extremes that some people will go to in insurance fraud cases. We have uncovered truth that might be considered stranger than fiction in a variety of cases for workers compensation fraud, medical malpractice lawsuits, slip and fall accidents or product liability cases.

In most cases we have been hired by an attorney or an insurance company to ascertain the truth behind a claim.

It is not unusual to find “injured” claimants on top of ladders cleaning out gutters, going horseback riding, or putting a roof on their home. In fact, one man, claiming to be injured beyond being able to work at all, was competing in an off-road motorcycle rally through the mountains and desert in Arizona. (He placed second.)

In several instances we have uncovered what ultimately concluded with a medical malpractice investigation. One such case was a partnership between several men and a chiropractor. The men would stage car accidents and claim back, neck and hip injuries. They would then go to the chiropractor for an extended period of time and the chiropractor would split the insurance payments with the men.

Our insurance investigators were originally called in for a vehicle accident investigation to ascertain the extent of the injuries for one claimant and when the facts and truth started coming to light, more “patients” and the chiropractor were implicated.

Insurance fraud costs the insurance companies – and their customers – millions of dollars every year. Here at , our insurance fraud investigators see why.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations