Investigations: Fact or FictionOur results are the truth: Is what we think we see or what we have heard or the way we feel fact or fiction? Investigations are conducted to uncover the truth. A Background Check to learn about an individual, Surveillance to observe activity, Polygraph or VSA for deception, Forensic Analysis for malware and extraction of data, Asset Search for hidden funds or net worth are conducted when finding the truth matters.
  • We want to know if our spouse, boyfriend, significant other is faithful, and if not, we want them to have the courage to be honest about their activities, but that isn’t always the case. How do we find the answers?
  • We want our children to be safe when we drop them off at daycare, with a babysitter, and in a divorced situation, the other parent. It’s hard to know what they are exposed to or if they are truly being cared for when they are away from us. How can we determine their level of care?
  • We want that employee who is off work for a short-term/long-term disability or worker’s comp to be truthful about their injury and are convalescing to regain their health and not out and about participating in activities that conflict with their “reported” illness. How can we find out?
  • Just like an attorney, judge, and jury, we want the truth in a criminal case that would prove or disprove the location of an individual accused in a crime, was their phone pinging from a tower nearby or were they nowhere in the vicinity. Are they guilty or innocent?
  • We want to hire the best candidate for the job as they represent our company, organization, and business. We need to know if they have been upfront and honest on their application, have they been known by other names, do they have a criminal history, is their driving record clean, would the previous employer give them good references. If they are responsible for any monies brought into the company or greeting customers or clients, we need to have these answers. Are they a good candidate?
  • Our phones are hot to the touch, our conversations are known to others who were not present at the time we discussed personal and private information. Our whereabouts are known, our text messages have been read by a third party, is our phone safe? Was a malware installed without our knowledge? To be safe, we need to know.
In any of these scenarios, you can learn the truth, it’s as simple as reaching out to All in Investigations., . We are here to uncover the layers of possible deceit to bring the facts to the surface.
Brenda J. McGinley ~ All in Investigations, Owner/Director