product liability investigation

Insurance Fraud Investigations Reveal Blatant Untruths

When it comes to insurance fraud, the bad guys can be quite brazen. Take, for instance, a North Carolina couple who were arrested for insurance fraud and obtaining property by false pretense. It is alleged that Mister filed a claim after an automobile accident with information about lost wages due to the accident. The couple is accused of inflating the amount of wages that were lost and, on top of that, the company he worked for did not even exist. They went to a great deal of trouble to document wages and the company in order to file the claim. Here at we are never surprised or taken aback by the extremes that some people will go to in insurance fraud cases. We have uncovered [...]

Product Liability Cases Could Hinge on Investigative Services

Why would your attorney need an investigator for a personal injury lawsuit or a product liability case? Besides helping your attorney compile evidence, documentation and coordinate expert witness research, analysis and testimony, there are two other important roles can take on in product liability lawsuits: Locate and identify additional potential claimants Research consumer complaints It is not unusual for a personal injury lawsuit to evolve into a product liability lawsuit as well. And, if you or someone you care about has experienced a loss or have a claim against the manufacturers of a product, chances are you are not alone. Finding others who have a potential claim is part of a product liability investigation. In fact, product liability investigations may be the only way to [...]

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