I Now Pronounce You Husband and Ex-WifeStatistics claim that more people are not getting married for fear of divorce and further state that 50% of marriages end in divorce. That means that one out of every two people will find themselves in divorce court or one of two people will know someone that has gone through a divorce or going through a divorce.


After the “I Do’s”, come the “I Can’t Believe He Would Do That To Me”. We hear that a lot here at . The ”I can’t believe” is always followed by financial woes. Having been left is hard; having been left with no financial security is difficult. Many times we hear how the wife has to succumb to these facts. Our Client was unaware of their finances due to the fact she was a stay at home mom, her husband’s party planner, the housekeeper and in some cases worked for his company making very little salary so that the company could grow and expand with the rainbow of riches to come their way down the road. Sometimes that road is blocked with deceit, false financial reports and often times a pretty young office assistant.

Amanda’s attorney recommended our company to conduct a Financial Background Check upon her husband of 25 years. He had claimed for the past five years they had no money, they were forced to sell their condo in Florida and their vacations were replaced with his business trips. Amanda had a household account that she utilized to pay for groceries, gas for her car, the few hair appointments she had and car repairs. When the account grew low, she would let her husband know only to hear, “There is no extra money”, you need to budget what you have. For years Amanda traveled all over the country accompanied by her husband, then it turned to only business trips, and finally, he traveled alone to save money.

Once she was served with Divorce papers, the paralyzing feeling of disbelief she had been feeling was replaced with a desire to discover anything she could about their financial situation.

The discovery documents her husband provided to the court all looked in order. His business wasn’t as prosperous as years past indicating a cut in salary. The condo that was sold in Florida was in the name of a female Amanda had never heard of and it sold for well below market value. Her husband retirement account was surprising low for the amount of time he had been contributing. Obviously there was missing assets, but Amanda had no idea where they were. We began our search for hidden bank accounts. Unknown bank accounts are very common in divorces, and usually when there is a lot of business traveling expenses, off shore accounts are possible. Amanda had a computer her husband had used a few years back that a computer forensic examination was conducted on by a computer forensic specialist that secured digital data. Upon completion of the computer forensic analysis and the asset investigation it was learned there were several accounts linked only to her husband that had been opened in various states with large amounts of money in them. There was also credit card information, obtained by the computer forensic specialist and asset investigator that determined not only did he open up credit unknown to his wife, but he added a female user to the account that had charged many thousands of dollars to the account paid by her husband from monies he earned during his marriage.

Amanda was awarded half of their property and he was ordered to pay her half of the monies he had spent on his female friend. The condo in Florida was assessed and he was ordered to pay her half of the assessed value.

When it comes to being informed, hire a company that specializes in digging up the truth.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations