I Need to Hire a PI! What Can They Do for Me

When I receive an inquiry, I know the person on the other end may have a lot of questions and most have never had to hire a Private Investigator. Therefore, I am prepared to provide them with the most educated and verified answers possible, and if for some reason I cannot answer a question, I then conduct research or contact one of my sources who can assist me. Life situations and circumstances are difficult enough and giving false information does not help the Client. I am asked if their situation is common or uncommon, asked how I would proceed, what will I do, how long will it take and if it is possible or not. I am upfront, honest and ethical and would never claim I could perform such tasks if I were not capable of doing so. Here is a list of requests I often get that are not only unethical but illegal:

  • Obtain call records from a phone carrier
  • Hack into someone’s phone or computer
  • Put a recording device in a vehicle or install a hidden listening device
  • Place a GPS Tracker on a girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s vehicle
  • Conduct Surveillance on a Subject when the Client has a Protective Order Against them
  • Bug a phone (Installing illegal apps)
  • Install video/audio equipment on a neighbor’s property

When an Investigator retains a client that would require them to conduct an unethical or illegal act there will be consequences for both the firm and the Client. The information gleamed from such an investigation would not be admissible in court and there could be legal actions taken against both.

We can conduct a TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) Sweep of a residence or office to determine if a “bug” has been planted. We can Forensically Image a Phone, Computer or Device for Malware or Spyware and we can search a vehicle for GPS Location Devices. All these services are legal, as well as our investigation methods.

There are many roads to take to obtain information that are legal and that can be used in the court of law that will reveal the truth.

  • Surveillance upon a cheating spouse, workman’s comp claim, FMLA, Disability or a Custody Matter
  • Background Research for criminal, civil and bankruptcy
  • Background information referencing an online relationship (Within and Outside the US)
  • Asset searches for financial information that is currently in litigation
  • TSCM of a property or commercial location owned or rented by the Client
  • Installing a Location App on a company phone
  • Installing video equipment in an office or residence (No Audio)

We are frequently asked to locate an individual and, in all cases, we obtain the reason for the search as we absolutely do not want to be involved in any type of stalking cases. We can locate the parents of children who have been placed for adoption and visa versa. We can locate lost loves, old friends and estranged family members. Our approach is to inform the Client that once the individual has been found, we will obtain their permission to provide information to our Client or we suggest the Client’s contact information be given to that individual. In cases that would not require this type of privacy would be an Attorneys who has lost communication with their Client and need to reconnect for a court date or a settlement, an Heir to an estate, or a person who has a warrant or has skipped out on a bail bond company. The last thing a PI wants is to be dragged into a lawsuit or lose their credibility.

Should you ever need the services of a Private Investigator, know that will conduct your case ethnically, legally and professionally.

Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations ~