Magnfiying glass on the word investigate to illustrate detectiveEarly days of investigative work usually included some dumpster diving and some physical surveillance (with the identified subject usually being a cheating spouse). But those early days in a private investigator’s life have dramatically expanded.

Thanks to technology, investigators have developed an impressive variety of skills and abilities. In the office, our research specialists, computer forensics specialists, online social media specialists and so many other professionals are absolutely some of the top professionals.

With that said, has a close professional relationship with the courts and law enforcement officials. Our confidentiality code, coupled with trust and respect allows our investigators to very confidently take on all kinds of cases. Here are just a few ways our investigators can assist an attorney:

  • Locate and interview witnesses for a civil or criminal lawsuit
  • Locate bank account information
  • Locate a current or former employee of a company
  • Locate probate records
  • Identify professional licenses
  • Determine previous disciplinary records for professional licenses
  • Analyze state and federal political contributions
  • Retrieve and analyze non-profit financial filings
  • Obtain and analyze Dept. of Labor Form 5500 filings
  • Submit FOA/FOIL requests to government agencies
  • Assist with jury selection
  • Background checks on potential jurors
  • Foreign Corporate research
  • Overseas litigation research
  • Identify Uniform Commercial Code Filings
  • Identify stock ownership
  • Locate missing heirs or find missing persons such as witnesses
  • Interview witnesses
  • Conduct asset investigations and find hidden assets
  • Locate domestic and offshore bank accounts

Attorneys also reach out to for handwriting analysis or when a forensic examiner is needed. This could be for document forgery or for forensic accounting to determine theft by employees in the books of a business.

We also help an attorney to enforce judgments, meaning that will identify an individual’s current assets as well as any efforts that person may have made in an effort to hide or misrepresent those assets, by transferring money to accounts of friends and relatives. Just like a spouse hiding money in a divorce, asset investigations and recovery reveals money being squirreled away for other reasons, too.

This is just a tip of the investigative iceberg at . The best attorneys cover all the angles and know all the answers BEFORE they ask the questions. Investigators like us are the reason they know those answers. We provide the facts, the evidence, the truth, for them and their clients.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations