How A Private Investigator Can Expand Your Financial Asset Research ResultsAnyone can get certain financial information upon another individual.  But to conduct an in-depth Asset Investigation would require an asset investigator and at , we have the resources and knowledge to obtain verified financial status for various types of cases such as:  Employment Embezzlement, Cheating Spouse, Child Custody Investigations,  corporate espionage and any other matter that requires our Client to have this type of information.

There are many reasons someone’s assets are searched, 1) lawsuits where one party has a judgment against the other party, or 2) preliminary research to determine if a person has the ability to pay prior to filing a lawsuit, 3) divorce cases to make sure one side is not hiding assets, 4) entering into a marriage in which one side claims to have assets that cannot be verified.  In these cases the assets referenced would be property and financial accounts to include stocks and bonds held at a financial institution, insurance policies, property, vehicles, etc.,  that can be subpoenaed through a law firm.

An attorney would want to know the financial status of an individual if they are representing a Client who has been injured or a judgment; would the plaintiff have the ability to pay the settlement and if not, would it be in the best interest of their Client to file.  In the case of a divorce, usually not amicable, did one spouse have hidden assets not disclosed to the court.  Asset Investigations in divorce are very common.  Both sides want the financial value of the other prior to finalizing, especially if one side has been accused of being unfaithful and in that type of situation was household money spent to finance the relationship.  Then there is that employee with sticky fingers and who forged signatures on company checks.  The company would want to follow the money, where it is and how it was spent and mostly is there any money available to repay or if the employee has the ability to repay?

In all cases, finding hidden assets or determining if there are assets linked to an individual requires a knowledgeable asset investigator to conduct a financial investigation for results that can be utilized in court or assist an attorney with their case.  If there is a need to find hidden assets turn to a reputable asset search company like to get reliable and verified information.

– Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations

– Brenda McGinley, Director of Operations