Businessman Working On Computer Laptop Using Mobile Phone At OffYou’ve probably heard by now that you can’t believe everything you see and hear on the Internet, right? But what happens when there is an image that is undeniably you or taken in your business or agency location that is being circulated?

Case in point: A central Florida police department was the subject of a pornographic image that was being distributed via Twitter. Of course the police department released statements that it was a fake image, it created a PR problem.

Through computer forensics it was determined that the image had been created using computer imaging software.

What if it happens to YOU?

Organizations can often get past the situation. Not as easy for individuals.

When this sort of thing happens to private citizens, it can ruin a reputation, a career, or even a marriage. Social media and email harassment leave a trail and many times, computer forensic investigators and social media engineering experts are able to follow that trail to uncover potential bad guys.

Because authorities have limited resources, many clients come to our door because they need some evidence or proof before the police, FBI or attorney general’s office will listen.

Digital forensics includes cell phone forensics as well. Both mobile phones and computers include the same basic computer systems, and by delving deep into the software using data extraction software, forensic data recovery lays out clues that investigators can use to piece together the truth.

Computer forensic investigations, whether on laptops, tablets or in the form of mobile phone analysis reveals data that the user might have thought was deleted, hidden or masked. In reality, nothing is often undetectable once it has been there on a computer. (That means you should be very careful what you do and put there through a computer or tech device.)

Part of the success has is through our expertise with cutting edge technology having created one of the first digital forensics labs in the country. The other part is the investigative skill and strategies developed over years in the business. As much as technology drives changes in our industry, experience in investigation methods gives us the edge in application and follow-through.

When you need the truth – and evidence to prove it –to protect yourself, you need .

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations