Hands Holding Digital Tablet SpywareCarrying cards instead of cash, well, it used to make us feel a bit safer. But no longer. Credit card theft has been a long-time problem, but now the thieves are using a new avenue and it puts businesses as well as consumers at risk.

Several employees at the county courthouse in the northern Texas town of McKinney discovered that their credit card information had been compromised after they had had lunch at a local restaurant. The thief wasn’t an unscrupulous employee or patron who made purchases using their credit card information, it was a hacker. That’s right, a hacker got into the restaurant’s computer system and lifted the customer’s information.

This is just part of an alarming trend in hackers infiltrating small business systems. For some time the computer forensics experts at have been providing computer forensics services over and above the spyware detector and spyware removal services.

More than being watched…

Businesses are becoming more and more attune to the dangers of malware and spyware taking root in the computers and systems. It’s more than spying on organizations and their operations. Hackers can slip in software that actually makes data from the system available to them.

In addition to computers forensics investigations to identify theft, corporate espionage and employee embezzlement, many businesses are making digital forensics a part of the regular maintenance and handling of hardware and software in their organizations.

Although forensic computer analysis is a painstakingly detailed procedure, by creating a routine schedule and identifying baseline images, computer forensic specialists can streamline the time it takes to review data from the computer.

As you can see, online businesses are not the only ones in danger, brick and mortar businesses have this concern in addition to shoplifters and thieves who rob the till. Computer forensics investigations can help uncover what is on a computer that shouldn’t be there. Call if you need help.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations