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If You Are In Business, You Are a Potential Target for Corporate Espionage

What do you do in your leisure time? Watch football or motor racing? That’s all fun, right? Don’t kid yourself. Major sports are major businesses and that means big money is at stake. And when big money is on the line, there are also people who will do anything to “win.” For example, consider the recent “Deflate-gate” centered on footballs and Tom Brady. Now there is the Mercedes F-1 team suing a departing engineer for alleged data theft as he goes to join the competing Ferrari team. Corporate espionage and employee theft is limitless. It is not limited by content, size of business or geography. It is limited only by the aspirations of the person or persons engaging in it. Stealing confidential client lists – [...]

Forensic Computer Analysis Can Uncover What’s Lurking Inside

Carrying cards instead of cash, well, it used to make us feel a bit safer. But no longer. Credit card theft has been a long-time problem, but now the thieves are using a new avenue and it puts businesses as well as consumers at risk. Several employees at the county courthouse in the northern Texas town of McKinney discovered that their credit card information had been compromised after they had had lunch at a local restaurant. The thief wasn’t an unscrupulous employee or patron who made purchases using their credit card information, it was a hacker. That’s right, a hacker got into the restaurant’s computer system and lifted the customer’s information. This is just part of an alarming trend in hackers infiltrating small business systems. [...]

Computer Forensic Investigations Are on the Rise

The use of computer forensics analysis is exploding. A recent video at provides a brief overview of what is possible, but it also shows that computer forensic investigation is not a do-it-yourself project – it takes a computer forensics specialist to root out the hidden bits of data that computer forensics experts know will be evidence. Police and other authorities are applying digital forensics to their investigations but so are others in the private sector. is one computer forensics firm that works with many attorneys and other organizations to gather data and evidence. We often find two scenarios: Scenario #1 – Is there a case? There is a suspicion of covert or illegal activity and an attorney is brought in to consult on whether [...]

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