Sadly, statistics reveal that more and more couples in their 50s and 60s are ending their marriages. This is such a prevalent occurrence that it has now been dubbed “gray divorce.”

In many instances, the wife has spent the marriage as a stay-at-home mother, also providing emotional support for her professionally busy spouse. Very often, in gray divorce, the wife is the identified victim, suffering long-term post-divorce financial struggles. Many of the women in these divorce situations have limited work skills and limited education. Their ability to grab good-paying jobs after divorce is fairly non-existent. Lack of education and job experience work against them, as well as their age.

A level of naivety is also seen among women in their 50s and older. For most, if not all of the marriage, many wives have operated from a place of blind trust. They have not been privy to all financial accounts and goals, investments and decisions. And when the marriage ends with each spouse in a divorce attorney’s office, gets a phone call.

Assets in divorce, especially when one party has had the majority of control over them, are often questioned. A divorce asset investigator is tasked not with just the known asset investigation, but also with finding hidden assets. And missing assets are not limited to hidden money or hidden bank accounts, but to other tangible assets including investments, real estate property, jewelry, art, boats, cars or other vehicles. We are asked to find hidden assets which include anything of value.

Sometimes, in fact, an asset search investigator is required to undergo a business asset search as well. This is especially true when one of the spouses is a principal in a business of any type or size. It’s not uncommon for there to be an intermingling of personal and professional funds and assets. So hiding money in a divorce often connects with a business.

has a reputation for being able to find people and assets that are hidden or missing. While a search for assets may not be something any ex-spouse wants to have to do, knowing you have experts on your side helps. We are happy to fill that need.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations