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Do You Suspect Assets are Hidden or Missing as You Face Divorce?

Sadly, statistics reveal that more and more couples in their 50s and 60s are ending their marriages. This is such a prevalent occurrence that it has now been dubbed “gray divorce.” In many instances, the wife has spent the marriage as a stay-at-home mother, also providing emotional support for her professionally busy spouse. Very often, in gray divorce, the wife is the identified victim, suffering long-term post-divorce financial struggles. Many of the women in these divorce situations have limited work skills and limited education. Their ability to grab good-paying jobs after divorce is fairly non-existent. Lack of education and job experience work against them, as well as their age. A level of naivety is also seen among women in their 50s and older. For most, [...]

Objective Asset Search Alleviates Some Pressure in Divorce

Quite often in a divorce proceeding, one spouse may suspect the other of hiding assets. Also common, one spouse is self-employed and the wife (in the majority of cases) has limited knowledge of income and investments. Hiring a private investigator is very often the key to insuring yourself a fair settlement. A private investigator will utilize a variety of investigative techniques to locate hidden accounts and find hidden assets. There are many scenarios that can play out, including: One spouse may be in collusion with an employer or business partner to delay or hide bonuses, raises or stock options until divorce proceedings are complete. Financial statements and tax returns seem to need more study. Investigating the possibility of divorce assets being hidden by dumping money [...]

Experienced Asset Search Investigators Open the Toolbox

If you think asset investigation is simply going through databases and making calls, you are mistaken. Although an asset search investigator does his share of at-desk duties, the hidden asset investigator often has to get in the field and undertake a good, old-fashioned, gumshoe detective’s work. It doesn’t matter if we are simply looking for missing assets or trying to determine if one spouse is hiding money in a divorce, many of the techniques uses to search for assets requires work on the streets. For example: Sometimes we find hidden assets documentation or information that leads us to previously unknown assets through dumpster diving. Items, such as envelopes, notes, statements and the like, get thrown away but can provide a lead to stock accounts, hidden [...]

Divorce can Linger, Especially When it Comes to Hidden or Missing Assets

Many states, including Indiana, have a statute of limitations in regard to assets in divorce. So when the divorce decree is signed and spouses become ex-spouses, there is a chance the divorce is not completely final. was contacted by an ex-wife because she suspected her ex-husband of withholding significant assets during the divorce proceedings. How did she know? Here’s her story: The couple owned a home during their marriage and it was not very well maintained. When they divorced, both reported that they could not afford to keep the home on their individual incomes, so the home was to be sold. Once the real estate agent came through, there were several repairs that had to be made prior to listing it. The judge decided during [...]

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