StolenFor more than a year, Sam and Julie worried about their future as business owners. For some unknown reason, their successful business now struggled financially. Sam spent long nights carefully studying line items on the budget with Steve, their business partner.

It was difficult for Julie to finally speak up. But when they again worried about how to survive financially, she admitted her suspicious feelings about their business partner Steve. Julie was insistent that Steve absolutely had to be stealing money.

Sam was positive that could not be the problem. Steve had been a long-time friend. He believed there was no way he would do something like this. Besides, Steve was as unstable financially as they were. Plus, since Sam repeatedly examined the financial records with a fine tooth comb, if Steve was guilty of business embezzlement, Sam would have discovered it by now.

More months went by, with Sam and Julie now fearing they might lose everything. Cash flow was a nightmare. Their stress level was unbelievable. In desperation, Julie finally convinced her husband to meet with computer forensics investigators at .

Thanks to this intensive computer forensics investigation, the awful truth of the story began to unfold. Analysis from the computer forensics experts at , the couple learned that Steve had stolen more than a half million dollars in business assets. Through the diligent work of these certified computer examiners, Sam and Julie also learned that all of their online moves had been observed by their former partner. International investigators proved this, using spy ware detectors on the office computers.

Computer hacking forensics investigators identified hidden bank accounts out-of-state where Steve was funneling money. He also had created two false companies, one for technology assistance and the other company was for cleaning. Steve had consistently written checks to these fictitious companies then stashed the money for himself.

If there was anything positive about such a terrible experience, it was that provided computer forensics expert witnesses and solid digital forensics evidence admissible in court.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations