Sexy, and beautiful woman, long hair, hand, silhouetteIt happens.

A disgruntled employee or maybe an ex-spouse posts a pornographic photograph on the web and claims that you are the person in that photo. Immediately, you begin to suffer the consequences of this vicious action. Something of this nature will of course negatively affect your professional life as well as your personal relationships. But how can you possibly fight back and clear your name?

If these actions were taken on computers in your company or in your home, where you and your spouse both accessed them and you have ownership, the good news is that you have the opportunity to find the evidence you need to clear your name. Instead of immediately contacting police and waiting, your other, faster option is to contact a private investigator like .

Some private investigation firms like are professionally trained in computer data forensics recovery. It is possible to gather evidence through digital forensics. Your computer can be very thoroughly examined by a computer forensic investigator even potentially retrieving deleted files and browser history.

Also note that computer scientists from Dartmouth and the University of California at Berkley have recently developed software that reliably detects fake or altered photographs. In this age of Photoshop, when photographs can be easily manipulated to look realistic, this software immediately has an important place in computer forensic services performed by investigative firms,  law enforcement and national security authorities.

Analyzing shadows in an image, this new software determines the authenticity of a photo. To demonstrate its accuracy, the software was applied to a photograph from 1969, when a man was standing on the moon. According to the software analysis, there was absolutely nothing fake about the photograph.

This is only one example of the many skills of today’s private investigator. As the needs of potential clients change with the times, so does the skill set of the private investigator, whether the case is about insurance fraud, hidden assets or any other crimes.

Because there is an established, recognized protocol to follow, once digital forensic evidence is gathered, a professional computer forensics expert knows how to secure this evidence for use in court proceedings, if necessary.

When you need answers, objective and true information, computer forensics firms like may be the best first call you can make.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations