Bail Bond Recovery Agents Use Private InvestigatorsFugitive recovery is not something we here at do. We leave the actual fugitive recovery to the bail recovery agent or the local authorities. However, we do work for fugitive recovery agents when they have someone who has skipped out or gone missing.

Our involvement is in locating the whereabouts of those “missing” people – and we’ve got a reputation for being good at it. We know how to find a missing person because we have had years of experience doing it and we stay on the cutting edge of technology to know how to use it to its best use in finding people.

You would be surprised at all the reasons someone might have for finding a missing person:

  • Estranged family member
  • Former boyfriend, girlfriend or “first love”
  • Looking for an adopted sibling
  • Health concerns such as heredity-linked disease or condition, seeking organ transplant or bone marrow donation from family whose whereabouts are unknown
  • Death in the family
  • Missing heirs
  • Best friends who lost touch

And then, of course, the people who are “running from the law.”

The methods to find missing persons are similar in most cases. But since we are talking about missing fugitives, let’s go there.

As I said, we don’t actually apprehend fugitives. When we get a call from a fugitive recovery agency, there are two things we can be assured are probably in play:

  1. They are close to the deadline to bring the fugitive back to the court
  2. They are frustrated with their recovery attempts

We never get the cases where there are several weeks and lots of contacts to chase down. Take for instance the call we got about Jerry*, the accused drug dealer who was missing. He wasn’t from the local area and had no family here. So in the four days we had, we had to uncover everything we could about him from scratch.

First step was to search the proprietary databases. Because his name (luckily) was not terribly commonplace, we were able to ascertain a lot about him, including his place of birth and names of his parents and siblings. We continued to dig until we were able to actually get in touch with some of those family members and talk with them.

Online activity provided more information for us through the use of social media, Instagram and flickr. Within two days, we had his whereabouts pinned down to New Orleans. Through the ability to ping his phone, we narrowed it down even further.

Constant contact with the fugitive recovery agent who was in transit to New Orleans meant we could get him within a few blocks of the fugitive. He and his team hit the ground running and within 24 hours, he had Jerry in custody and they were on their way back to the jail.

Fugitive recovery is bail recovery to the agents, but to us it is finding a missing person who may be a danger to society. The difference in fugitive recovery, for us, is the deadline that has to be met. Although every missing person case is handled as quickly and efficiently as possible just like all our investigations, bail bond recovery work adds another element of tension to perform with accuracy and efficiency. There is no time to waste.

If you are looking for someone you want, or need, to find, has the professional resources to get the job done.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations

*Not his real name