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My Son was 45 Years When I met him for the First Time

Today there is no shame in placing a child up for adoption, it is encouraged and the mother who made the decision with the best interest of her newborn child is commended and her life goes on. She has nothing to hide or be ashamed of. In today’s society, people have babies outside of wedlock, some continue their relationship without getting married, some raise the child on their own, some seek assistance from their families and some make a choice to give the child a better opportunity and place them in a family environment. My Client became pregnant when she was 17 years old, a senior in high school with a boy she had been dating for a short period of time. Not only did [...]

Past Brought Into the Present – Finding a Missing Person

There was this story about a WWII veteran who had dated a woman a few months in London before he was forced to leave for the Battle of Normandy in France.  After 7 decades they were reunited with the help of each of their children. We receive many calls asking questions about one’s past loves here at .  Our clients usually try to find them utilizing a people search type of database that only leaves them frustrated with the results.  These types of databases have a lot of information, yet nothing is verified and it is somewhat difficult to verify if the person you are looking for is the person that gets pulled up in your search. Let’s take for instance a man who called [...]

is your first stop to finding missing heirs

It isn’t easy to lose a loved one, especially a parent. Someone who had taken care of you and now the child has become the parent. But life happens and we go forward and live on. This was exactly the case for Miranda. Miranda’s mother had just been relocated to a nursing home. She had been ill for quite some time and it was impossible for Miranda, an only child, to care for her and work a full time job. So when Miranda received the news that her mother died she was devastated. At the wake, Miranda’s over her Aunt talk about the daughter her mother had that she had given up at birth. This was before Miranda was born. Miranda was shocked and immediately [...]

Bail Bond Recovery Agents Use Private Investigators, Too

Fugitive recovery is not something we here at do. We leave the actual fugitive recovery to the bail recovery agent or the local authorities. However, we do work for fugitive recovery agents when they have someone who has skipped out or gone missing. Our involvement is in locating the whereabouts of those “missing” people – and we’ve got a reputation for being good at it. We know how to find a missing person because we have had years of experience doing it and we stay on the cutting edge of technology to know how to use it to its best use in finding people. You would be surprised at all the reasons someone might have for finding a missing person: Estranged family member Former boyfriend, [...]

Fugitive Recovery Successfully Aided by Investigators

If you know people who shred documents with a cross-cut blade shredder while they watch TV –  you might want to follow their lead. Those intelligent friends know that identity theft is America's No. 1 crime among white collar criminals. In fact, nine million Americans fall victim every year to identity theft. That is a staggering fact, isn't it? Unfortunately, it can be far too easy for predators to make you their next victim. All they need is your name, your social security number or access to a credit card number. And you become another statistic. You can't know where these criminals lurk. Some of them dumpster dive to gather old mail and paperwork. Others dupe you by misrepresenting themselves during a telephone call. Here's [...]

Internet Not an Anonymous Super Highway for

In the last decade, the primarily male populated world of private investigators has seen a big change, not only in technology but also in the faces of this career. In fact, females are flooding this career path. And they are taking it by storm. A great example is Michelle Gomez, a private investigator who broke a case that two other investigators and even the FBI failed to solve. Wanted for $2 million in fraud, Ryan Eugene Mullen apparently had simply vanished off the face of the earth. No one could find him until Gomez, who specializes in tracking down missing items and missing people, was asked to help with the case. Like the staff at , Gomez is also highly knowledgeable in digital engineering and [...]

To Find a Missing Person, Create Links

Private investigators are called in to find missing persons in many situations. Sometimes police cases are still open and sometimes they have gone cold. Here at we are known for our ability in finding people. But sometimes there is a cruel twist that is heartbreaking for families. One such instance was a case we came into after the fact. An 8-year-old boy, we’ll call Josh, had gone missing 14 years prior and the police case had gone cold. There had not been any new leads in more than five years. Then all of a sudden, a call came in from a law enforcement agency in Europe. A young man had come in and told the story of how he was Josh and had been abducted, [...]

It’s More Challenging When a Missing Person Search is Looking for a She

Gender makes a difference in how to find missing persons successfully. Men are more easily tracked down. Why is that so? When conducting a missing person search on a woman, you have different paths to follow, such as: Name changes – Since women traditionally take the surname of their male spouse, they can have several different names during their lifetime – depending on how many times they marry. That makes it a challenge to find missing persons. A marriage could be ended through divorce, death or even just running away and hiding. There are a lot of clues and documentation that would uncover the facts, but it requires a great deal of hands-on, persistent determination to move from county to county and state to state [...]

Fugitive Recovery Requires Finding a Missing Person

Family members are not the only people who come to asking for our help in finding a missing person. Recently we were called by a group of fugitive recovery agents. In this case, the fugitive recovery agent was employed by a bail bondsman who had provided the funds for a person whose bond was set really high. Like many cases, we received only the basic information and few of the details. The accused skipped town and did not show for the first court hearing. The bail bond company was going to have to pay the high bond if they were unable to bring the accused to the court within a specified number of days. After an unsuccessful week, they called us. There was a big [...]

Missing Heirs or Unknown Heirs Are Traceable with

has a reputation for being able to locate missing heirs or people. Usually it is because a family member is trying to reconnect with another family member who has not been in contact for a long time. But other situations arise where we are asked to find people like the case of the veteran who died not remembering he had an insurance policy and hadn’t seen any family for more than 55 years. The veteran was quite elderly and had moved into a nursing home because he needed care. When he passed, his bank acted as executor and discovered he was the owner of an insurance policy that had been purchased in the late 1940s. It was now worth more than a half a million [...]

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