is your first stop to finding missing heirsIt isn’t easy to lose a loved one, especially a parent. Someone who had taken care of you and now the child has become the parent. But life happens and we go forward and live on. This was exactly the case for Miranda. Miranda’s mother had just been relocated to a nursing home. She had been ill for quite some time and it was impossible for Miranda, an only child, to care for her and work a full time job. So when Miranda received the news that her mother died she was devastated. At the wake, Miranda’s over her Aunt talk about the daughter her mother had that she had given up at birth. This was before Miranda was born.

Miranda was shocked and immediately wanted information that none of her relatives could offer her. They knew the year and month the child was born and that she was a girl, but nothing else. Miranda didn’t know how to find a missing person and possible a missing heir to her mother’s estate so after some internet research she called us, . We have one of the best locate, finding people, researcher.

Miranda provided all her mother’s information, the year and month the child was born to our researcher and stated she didn’t know how it was possible to locate a person she didn’t even know existed until recently. We informed Miranda we conduct hundreds of searches each year and find missing persons all the time.

We did learn for our research that a woman, who would be the same age as Miranda’s sister, had made many posts on the internet and had been making posts for several years trying to find her biological mother. We made contact with her and after verified she was indeed the missing heir to Miranda’s mother estate, we provided her with contact information so that she could be reunited with her mother’s family.

has a great reputation in finding missing people in adoption cases and finding missing heirs.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations