There was this story about a WWII veteran who had dated a woman a few months in London before he was forced to leave for the Battle of Normandy in France.  After 7 decades they were reunited with the help of each of their children.

We receive many calls asking questions about one’s past loves here at .  Our clients usually try to find them utilizing a people search type of database that only leaves them frustrated with the results.  These types of databases have a lot of information, yet nothing is verified and it is somewhat difficult to verify if the person you are looking for is the person that gets pulled up in your search.

Let’s take for instance a man who called us and had for several years attempted on and off to look for a lost love from his teenage years.  Lee was in his early sixties, had lost his wife, didn’t have any children and his parents were both deceased leaving him with no family and wanted to find a missing person, specifically that young vibrant teenage girl who lived in the same town he did as kids.

Lee talked about the missing person investigation he had been conducting himself and hit a brick wall on his own internet finding people searches.  He knew only her maiden name and first name, not knowing if she had married, moved to another state or had any children.  When Lee walked into our office he produced a photograph he had found while going through his mother’s personal belongings after she had passed away.  Upon finding the photograph, Lee stated he knew he had to make contact with her.

Lee had the city and state she lived in as a girl, her mother and father’s names, but nothing else.   He told us about his experiences of finding a missing person to no avail.  He knew the years and possible marriages would be a hindrance to actually finding where she currently lived and her marital status.

We could tell he was desperate at this point and reached out for professional help.  It took us about a week before we obtained her identity and contact information.  We reached out to her to let her know an old friend from the past had wanted to reconnect.  The first thing she asked for was if we had a picture of what he looked like now.  She had remembered him as he hugged her goodbye that night many years ago.  She described him in detail, minus the now balding hair, the wrinkles and the few pounds he had put on.  With Lee’s permission, we forwarded a current photo of him to her.  When she saw the picture, she said she began to cry because Lee hadn’t changed at all in her eyes.  We learned she was married with 3 grown kids, had 5 grandkids and was willing to get reacquainted with Lee as a friend.

A few months later, Lee was back in our office all excited about his meeting with her and told us he was so happy to now have a friend he could speak with about the “Good Ole Days”.  Although nothing romantic came of him finding her, he was welcomed into their family.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations