Family members are not the only people who come to asking for our help in finding a missing person. Recently we were called by a group of fugitive recovery agents.

In this case, the fugitive recovery agent was employed by a bail bondsman who had provided the funds for a person whose bond was set really high. Like many cases, we received only the basic information and few of the details. The accused skipped town and did not show for the first court hearing. The bail bond company was going to have to pay the high bond if they were unable to bring the accused to the court within a specified number of days.

After an unsuccessful week, they called us. There was a big check riding on bringing this man to court and the bail bondsman did not want to sign that check.

knows how to find missing person. If they are purposefully hiding it requires more detective work, but we’ve had lots of experience with that.

Turns out the one thing the accused wouldn’t leave home without was his guitar. He made quick money by playing in bars and restaurants. He had a pattern of staying in larger metropolitan areas where he could circulate around the different venues, but live in one spot. We find missing persons because we know how to recognize patterns like that as we investigate.

Well within the short time frame, our investigators were able to locate the whereabouts of the fugitive. The fugitive recovery process went into action and the bail recovery agent was able to present the fugitive to the court. The bail bondsman didn’t have to write the check and the agents were happy with the bail recovery fee they earned.

Sometimes missing persons investigations are to assist professionals who can bring in a fugitive but have trouble locating him and is happy to help. It’s a great thing when professionals help professionals.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations