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Would Just Finding a Missing Person Be Enough For You?

When Kim's son, Jake, announced that he was joining the United States Army, she wasn't sure how she felt about that decision. In some ways, Jake was fairly lost. He worked dead-end jobs for a few weeks then quit. He moved in and out of the family basement. She knew Jake was at least dabbling in some drug use. And so, in one way, Kim tried to hope that Jake would find the structure and direction he needed by serving in the military. In another way, she feared that he would be rejected as a possible new soldier, either because he failed a drug screen or because he was unable to pass psychological tests. Still feeling that confusion, Kim hid her concerns behind a smile [...]

Unknown Origins and Family Far Away Found in People Search

While serving the world community since 1960, has built an impressive global network with other investigators. We have also built amazing contacts in law enforcement and government. It goes without saying that we've had many experiences in our truth-finding missions. With the latest technology at our fingertips, can search countless data bases for information. We can produce surveillance video from a distance. We continue daily, to utilize the many individual skills our investigators bring to this profession. But recently, when the neighbor of a dead man came into our office, we were initially stymied by her request. The woman's neighbor, a man in his mid-fifties, had died suddenly of a heart attack. He was a Hungarian gymnastics coach, in the states less than a year [...]

Finding Missing Person Splits Case Wide Open

By the time the Riley family met with Bennett, the defense attorney they hired to defend their only son, Chad, in a murder trial, it seemed that Chad had already been tried and condemned in the media. Each time Bennett traveled to the county jail, Chad was adamant that he was innocent. The only way to clear Chad's name was to find the other person who knew what truly happened that night. And that person was a young male Chad knew only by his nickname, which was Tubs. As if that wasn't enough of a headache, Bennett was in the middle of preparing for a second high-profile trial. So Bennett called on . Though they are known for their talents as dogged researchers and highly [...]

Finding a Missing Person Meant the Difference between Life or Death

Finding facts and gathering information are a couple of primary jobs conducted by highly skilled staff at . But we are also impressively talented when given the task of finding people… Attorneys hire us to find witnesses that suddenly disappear before their scheduled time to testify. Bail recovery agents hire us to find individuals who skip bail and vanish. Trust agents hire us to find missing heirs, or sometimes to identify and locate unknown heirs. And our services are often requested when a person is seeking lost family members. Sometimes a person that had been adopted reaches legal age to search for one birth parent or both or there is a medical issue and they make the decision to find a person who is a [...]

are Professionals at Missing Person Investigations

Landlords and attorneys for landlords contact to get help finding people. It’s not the missing person search one normally thinks of – unless you are a landlord. Landlords will tell you tenants moving out in the middle of the night is nothing new. It’s been going on for a long time and as diligent as they can be with background checks and employment checks and references, it still happens. But when tenants vacate over night, they usually leave two things – a mess and a debt. The landlord still has to go through the legal process dictated by the state and local agencies, but they also have to serve notice on the tenant. And that means they have to know where he is. As investigators, [...]

A Mother’s Wish for a Missing Heir

When the family gathered for the reading of their mother’s will, the adult children were surprised to find that their mother had left a significant amount of money to her youngest child. The reason this was odd? That child, known to have significant mental health issues, had been estranged from the family for years. Yet in the will, the mother left specific instructions. Her other children were asked to find their long lost brother and use the portion of his inheritance to help him get the treatment he so desperately needed. To honor their mother’s dying wish, the other three children made their best efforts to find the missing heir, but found no trail. After all, their brother had been missing from the family photographs [...]

Missing Person Search Requires Tenacity, Skill and Experience for Success

Private investigators have been part of our culture for more than 150 years. And just like every other aspect of change and growth, the expectations and the skill set of investigators continue to evolve. Long time investigative firm, , has been on the cutting edge of changes in the industry. For many years, investigators tailed cheating spouses or provided surveillance photos of employees suspected of workers compensation fraud. Company owners requested proof of a person doing strenuous work at home or dancing in a bar but later claiming they were so injured on a job that they required workman’s compensation. And they still do that kind of surveillance. However, thumbing through public records in court house basements is now a rare occurrence in regard to [...]

Knows How to Find Missing Persons

is well-known in central Indiana for finding people. We know how to locate people not only in central Indiana, but across the nation and overseas as well. There are many reasons we have been asked to undertake take a missing person search, including: Disappearance under suspicious circumstances Suspected runaways Locating heir to an estate Family seeking other known family members Persons seeking unknown biological family, parents A successful missing person investigation does not always return the answers a client wants. The family we find may not wish to meet the person seeking them, the missing person could be deceased or ill. Our goal is to find a person and report the information we uncover. Just because we find the person, does not mean they wish [...]

It’s More Challenging When a Missing Person Search is Looking for a She

Gender makes a difference in how to find missing persons successfully. Men are more easily tracked down. Why is that so? When conducting a missing person search on a woman, you have different paths to follow, such as: Name changes – Since women traditionally take the surname of their male spouse, they can have several different names during their lifetime – depending on how many times they marry. That makes it a challenge to find missing persons. A marriage could be ended through divorce, death or even just running away and hiding. There are a lot of clues and documentation that would uncover the facts, but it requires a great deal of hands-on, persistent determination to move from county to county and state to state [...]

Fugitive Recovery Requires Finding a Missing Person

Family members are not the only people who come to asking for our help in finding a missing person. Recently we were called by a group of fugitive recovery agents. In this case, the fugitive recovery agent was employed by a bail bondsman who had provided the funds for a person whose bond was set really high. Like many cases, we received only the basic information and few of the details. The accused skipped town and did not show for the first court hearing. The bail bond company was going to have to pay the high bond if they were unable to bring the accused to the court within a specified number of days. After an unsuccessful week, they called us. There was a big [...]

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