A survey with reserach questions Who, What, Where, When, Why, HoWe know the not-so-favorable statistics about marriage. We know that more than half of all blissful unions end up being very unblissful divorces. And we also know that American women very often suffer more financially, especially if she is over the age of 50 with a history of being a stay-at-home mom and the spouse of a high-powered man with plenty of wealth under his belt.

If she happens to be lucky enough to be awarded half of her ex’s pension, she’s at least got some level of security. And so, if love happens to find this woman again one day, she’s got to be cautious. In this day and age, it’s only responsible behavior to avoid being blinded by love.

Depending on the divorce decree, many women can lose access to their ex husband’s pension if they remarry. And yes, that’s where enters the story. Before you say ‘I do,’ it might be a great idea to ask us if you really ‘do,’ by requesting a background investigation. Through the use of professional research skills and special sources, we can answer the following questions for you:

Background history: Is your potential spouse telling you the truth about where he grew up? That he graduated from college with honors? Did anyone in his family have a criminal history that you didn’t know about? How many times has he been married? Is he actually divorced?

Employment History: Has your potential spouse been terminated from jobs? Has he been a job hopper? Has he truly been employed at his present company for the length of time he told you?

Financial History: Was your beloved’s car repossessed? Has he filed bankruptcy? Does he actually have a trust fund?

Criminal history: Is there a DUI in his background? A domestic charge from another relationship? Did he forget to tell you that he was actually in prison when he told you he was a missionary for five years?

A background investigation is not limited to a criminal background search or an employment background check. Nor is the purpose of a background investigation solely for business purposes.

Relationships can be wonderful and supportive, but they can also be draining on assets and the cause of financial ruin and emotional turmoil. More potential partners are conducting background investigations to protect themselves and their assets.

Call on for a highly confidential assessment about the security of your future. You are not being paranoid. You are being powerful.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations