lie detection test - telling the truth vs living a lieIt all started with a lie detection test at .  It was a she said, he said situation with both parties confident their beliefs of the situation would clear the air and settle the turmoil between them.  What it turned out to be was something much deeper and emotional than either expected and the direction of their relationship took a dramatic turn towards a journey neither he nor she imagined.

First, let me explain that a detection of deception test is quite different than what is viewed on television programs.  Nobody is asked any questions during the test that have not been thoroughly discussed prior to the test, so in reality, anyone taking the test knows upfront what they are going to be asked.  You don’t actually pass or fail the test; you show deception or no deception on each individual question.  If you show no deception on any of the questions, then your results are clear, but if you show deception on one or more questions, then the results are broken down on graphs to show which questions you did not answer truthfully.

And so it began, first the introduction and review of all questions, then the test was taken, questions asked and answered, then a brief discussion of the results and another test taken for accuracy.  Out of the 8 questions asked, he showed deception on only one question:  Do you love your wife?  His answer was “Yes”.  In reality, he had grown tired of their relationship, his mind took adventures she was not a part of, his heart failed to beat love for her.  He did not have hidden assets, his wife didn’t need an infidelity private investigator as he was not involved with the woman next door.  There was no need for a forensic computer specialist or involving a computer forensic expert or Cell Phone Forensic Services for data mining software.  There simply was no need for any of this, because he was hiding nothing, he had been telling her the truth for years, and yet, she just couldn’t accept the fact it wasn’t what he was not telling her, it was what she didn’t hear.  It was a she said, he said situation until both parties came together to finally clear the air.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations

-Brenda McGinley, Director of Operations,