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    Experienced Forensic Investigators Have Seen it All and Know Where to Look

Experienced Forensic Investigators Have Seen it All and Know Where to Look

Some people in the world put lots of time into being sneaky. Sometimes their goal is to elude the IRS by hiding money in offshore accounts or in hidden bank accounts under the names of friends or family. Sometimes the goal is insurance fraud or hiding property ownership. But whatever type of illegal activity you suspect, in your company or business, in your marriage or family, it’s very likely that you need help.

When you can’t track down the answers on your own; call on the skills and abilities of a private investigator. In fact, even your attorney may suggest services of a firm like . No longer simply identified as a professional sleuth, a few private investigation firms have certified computer examiners on staff [...]

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    Cell Phone Forensics Growing in Importance in Investigations

Cell Phone Forensics Growing in Importance in Investigations

Cell phone forensics is becoming more and more important in investigations. The use of cell phones and computers are like a journal or diary of users’ lives. Just from cell phones, a mobile phone forensic analysis by can reveal a great deal of data, including:

Dialed, incoming and missed calls (history logs)
Text messages
Instant message activity
Internet activity including search histories
Software, programs and apps
Video and audio recordings
Electronic documents and attachments
Phone setting information
Phone location information (using GPS) and cell phone tower triangulation

And, even when the user believes data has been deleted, it can often be retrieved though a cell phone forensic examination. Wireless forensics using phone forensic software can provide factual data useful to people many situations.

In criminal cases, forensic cell tower evidence and cell tower location [...]

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    Cell Phone Forensic Investigation Finds Evidence to Support Gut Feeling

Cell Phone Forensic Investigation Finds Evidence to Support Gut Feeling

The owner of an aerospace company that manufactured parts for the government called with some concerns. Recently two of his key sales people had left the company under a cloud of suspicion. The company owner had no tangible proof of wrong-doing, but he had a feeling something wasn’t right.

Both of the employees had been with the company for more than seven years and had always been straight up with him. But over the last year he felt his relationship with them changed. There was a distance that had developed and when they both suddenly resigned, it just didn’t feel good.

They had left their computers and cell phones that were company issued. He’d had IT look at the computer, but both cell phones were locked [...]

Cell Phone Forensics Reveals Who is Watching You

One thing that we realize here at is that a couple doesn’t have to actually be married to be caught in an emotionally charged – and challenging – situation.

For instance, one case we had was a couple who had been together for many years and had two children together. They never married and their relationship was “shaky” as she described it.

She felt sure that he had listening devices installed in their home and perhaps even a mobile phone tap. What made her feel she was surrounded by spy equipment? He traveled a great deal for work and their conversations were limited to once daily in the evening. And yet, he and the children knew things that she hadn’t shared with them. Several  things [...]

Cell Phone Analysis Proves Truth of Alibi

Cell phone forensics is a helpful tool to corroborate an alibi. With just about everyone carrying or using cell phones, there is great potential to uncover the truth.

For instance, in a case where a woman was murdered and her boyfriend was suspected, he claimed to have been miles away at the home of another woman. She backed up his alibi. After his defense attorneys were able to meet cell phone legal compliance to obtain the phones of the boyfriend and his woman friend; and go through the legal process for cell records of the dead woman, they were able to piece together the facts.

The ‘good-bye’ signal from the dead woman’s mobile came from a location several miles north of the boyfriend’s house. Using mobile [...]

Cellular Forensics is a Powerful Defense Tool

It’s more and more common now to hear comparisons between the use of DNA evidence and cell phone forensic evidence. Here at we have seen mobile phone forensics quickly evolve with technology so that cellular location evidence can be pinned down to within a few dozen yards much of the time.

Since we were on the cutting edge of cell phone investigation when it began, our level of expertise is highly sought out by defense attorneys in a wide range of situations including:

Defendant is accused of making harassing calls to ex-spouse
Defendant is accused of a crime and alibi is weak or non-existent
Defendant is accused of embezzlement and money is found stashed in a specific location
Defendant is accused of negotiating the purchase of drugs and [...]

Delete Doesn’t Mean Gone to a Cell Phone Analyzer

Delete. Delete. Delete. And you think it’s done and gone. Well, you’re probably wrong.

Once information is searched out, read, written or stored on a digital device, it is most likely there forever – if only in bits and pieces. But for digital forensics teams, that is often enough to piece together a bigger picture.

Not too long about there was quite a bruhaha in the media about a secret subpoena of two months’ worth of phone records from the Associated Press. Authorities went through the legal process for cell records and subpoenaed the cellphone records in order to piece together what they could about an alleged leak of sensitive national security information.

They weren’t so concerned about cell tower triangulation or mobile phone tracking, they were [...]

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    Appropriate Legal Wording for Cell Records Requests Critical Time Saver

Appropriate Legal Wording for Cell Records Requests Critical Time Saver

Can you image the amount of data collected by the phone companies? Not data on customers, but the data that is created by customers. They can store service records – but for only short periods – and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Because the service provider data is time sensitive, if an attorney or the authorities need the information for a case, a preservation letter has to be created and sent immediately to all the service providers involved. The preservation letter asks them to save data for a specific account and is urgent before the data is eliminated. The legal wording for cell records and preservation is specific to each service provider and if not complete and accurate, the request could be denied.

The service providers [...]

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    Forensic Cell Tower Evidence is Accurate Only with Complete and Complex Analysis

Forensic Cell Tower Evidence is Accurate Only with Complete and Complex Analysis

received a call from a defense attorney on the east coast regarding a cellular forensics report he had received from the prosecution that concluded that the forensic cellular evidence proved his client was in the area of the scene of a crime at the time the crime was committed. The prosecutor had no physical evidence placing his client at the scene, and his client had an alibi corroborated by the client’s mother.

He requested our cellphone expert review the report. Cell phone tracking using cellular tower triangulation is not as simple as it initially looks. And because it looks like a simple identification process, the conclusions can be inaccurate and erroneous.

In order to accurately go about locating cellular locations, not only does the cell [...]

Cellular Forensics Even Applies to Drop Phones

Data Extraction. That’s what provides the evidence so many of our clients want when they request a mobile phone forensic analysis. Cell phone forensic tools allow a cellular forensics specialist to create an exact image of the cell phone hard drive and from that, complete a mobile phone analysis. The analysis will uncover any evidence on the phone and the data can be extracted as proof.

has been doing cell phone forensics for a long while – before the proliferation of smart phones in the hands of just about everyone. For many, mobile phone forensics is new and they don’t understand the extent of the work we can do.

We had a case where a woman’s husband had started carrying a drop phone in addition [...]