Cell Phone Forensics Growing in Importance in InvestigationsCell phone forensics is becoming more and more important in investigations. The use of cell phones and computers are like a journal or diary of users’ lives. Just from cell phones, a mobile phone forensic analysis by can reveal a great deal of data, including:

  • Dialed, incoming and missed calls (history logs)
  • Text messages
  • Instant message activity
  • Email
  • Internet activity including search histories
  • Software, programs and apps
  • Video and audio recordings
  • Electronic documents and attachments
  • Phone setting information
  • Phone location information (using GPS) and cell phone tower triangulation

And, even when the user believes data has been deleted, it can often be retrieved though a cell phone forensic examination. Wireless forensics using phone forensic software can provide factual data useful to people many situations.

  • In criminal cases, forensic cell tower evidence and cell tower location can show that a defendant was not in the area of a crime.
  • In child custody cases, cell phone tracking and cell phone monitoring can reveal that children are in unsafe or restricted situations.
  • In divorce situations, cell phone forensics can reveal hidden accounts and assets in emails or other communications. Mobile device forensics can reveal unfaithful spouses and other covert activities.
  • In relationships, we are asked to uncover facts in cellphone records to determine if a partner is faithful or to determine if they are carrying a cell phone spy. Cell phone spyware detection can sometimes even reveal who installed the spyware on the phone.

It may sound like cell phone analysis is a quick and easy procedure. It’s not one that should be undertaken by an amateur – especially if it uncovers evidence to be used in a court of law for any reason. Plus, someone who is not experienced in mobile phone forensics might inadvertently destroy evidence, contaminate files or even destroy pathways. Call a professional like when you have any reason to employ cell phone forensics. Better to be safe and assured data will be collected and retrieved within guidelines and required protocols.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations