Cell Phone Forensics Growing in Importance in InvestigationsCell phone forensics is becoming more and more important in investigations. The use of cell phones and computers are like a journal or diary of users’ lives. Just from cell phones, a mobile phone forensic analysis by International Investigators can reveal a great deal of data, including:

  • Dialed, incoming and missed calls (history logs)
  • Text messages
  • Instant message activity
  • Email
  • Internet activity including search histories
  • Software, programs and apps
  • Video and audio recordings
  • Electronic documents and attachments
  • Phone setting information
  • Phone location information (using GPS) and cell phone tower triangulation

And, even when the user believes data has been deleted, it can often be retrieved though a cell phone forensic examination. Wireless forensics using phone forensic software can provide factual data useful to people many situations.

It may sound like cell phone analysis is a quick and easy procedure. It’s not one that should be undertaken by an amateur – especially if it uncovers evidence to be used in a court of law for any reason. Plus, someone who is not experienced in mobile phone forensics might inadvertently destroy evidence, contaminate files or even destroy pathways. Call a professional like International Investigators when you have any reason to employ cell phone forensics. Better to be safe and assured data will be collected and retrieved within guidelines and required protocols.

-T. Wilcox, CEO, International Investigators