Cellular Forensics is a Powerful Defense ToolIt’s more and more common now to hear comparisons between the use of DNA evidence and cell phone forensic evidence. Here at we have seen mobile phone forensics quickly evolve with technology so that cellular location evidence can be pinned down to within a few dozen yards much of the time.

Since we were on the cutting edge of cell phone investigation when it began, our level of expertise is highly sought out by defense attorneys in a wide range of situations including:

  • Defendant is accused of making harassing calls to ex-spouse
  • Defendant is accused of a crime and alibi is weak or non-existent
  • Defendant is accused of embezzlement and money is found stashed in a specific location
  • Defendant is accused of negotiating the purchase of drugs and selling drugs

We don’t say that we can exonerate every defendant. We do say we can uncover the data that provides facts and that can be used as evidence. As objective third parties, we seek the truth and our reports provide all the data discovered regarding the request by the attorneys.

One reason the services of is  so sought out is that our staff are very experienced in not only cell phone surveillance, cell phone forensics and mobile phone forensic analysis, they are experienced in cell phone legal compliance. After years of working with the legal system and the cell phone service providers, we know the correct legal wording for cell records that prevent lost data due to delays. We know the subpoena language for messages. We know exactly what should be included in subpoena language for blocked callers or restricted callers.

Both these processes, DNA testing and cellular forensics, require a lot of time, are labor intensive and require great attention to detail and protocol in order to be admissible as evidence. When your reputation, livelihood, family and maybe even life are on the line, it’s not the time to settle on average service and expertise. Don’t take chances.

When you want the best forensic mobile services, look for the expertise, professionalism and dedication. You’ll be glad you did.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations