Cell Phone Analysis Proves Truth of AlibiCell phone forensics is a helpful tool to corroborate an alibi. With just about everyone carrying or using cell phones, there is great potential to uncover the truth.

For instance, in a case where a woman was murdered and her boyfriend was suspected, he claimed to have been miles away at the home of another woman. She backed up his alibi. After his defense attorneys were able to meet cell phone legal compliance to obtain the phones of the boyfriend and his woman friend; and go through the legal process for cell records of the dead woman, they were able to piece together the facts.

The ‘good-bye’ signal from the dead woman’s mobile came from a location several miles north of the boyfriend’s house. Using mobile forensics tools and cell tower triangulation, they were able to pinpoint the location through cell site analysis. The analysis is a very meticulous tracking of signals by the phone making it a cellsite witness to the location of the cell phone when it was turned off for good.

After the location of her phone was confirmed with cellphone tracking, they concentrated on the boyfriend’s phone. Mobile phone forensic analysis of his call records and forensic cell tower evidence proved that his phone was indeed tracking moving south between his home and the town where his woman friend lived. Evidence from the content of texts was gathered using cell phone forensic tools and the woman friend confirmed conversations via text and calls. That indicated the conversations took place, were between his phone and hers and the phone was in the area of his home moving toward her home when the discussions occurred.

Lastly, a cell phone forensic analysis of the calls and texts from the woman friend’s phone was conducted. Locating the cellular location of her mobile phone at the time in question was narrowed down using cell tower triangulation. Not only did his phone confirm he was at her home, so did hers.  She was at her place of employment when the calls began and converged with his at her home. The cellphone expert turned all the data collected into a cellphone witness for the attorneys in the case.

Cell mapping take a mobile phone forensics expert like those at . And in order to gather evidence to prove out the truth, a cell phone investigation can be one of an attorney’s best tools.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations