Data Extraction. That’s what provides the evidence so many of our clients want when they request a mobile phone forensic analysis. Cell phone forensic tools allow a cellular forensics specialist to create an exact image of the cell phone hard drive and from that, complete a mobile phone analysis. The analysis will uncover any evidence on the phone and the data can be extracted as proof.

has been doing cell phone forensics for a long while – before the proliferation of smart phones in the hands of just about everyone. For many, mobile phone forensics is new and they don’t understand the extent of the work we can do.

We had a case where a woman’s husband had started carrying a drop phone in addition to his regular phone. A drop phone is one that has minutes prepaid so there is no bill with calls recorded. She was suspicious and considering divorce. Her attorney contacted us to complete a cell phone investigation – on the drop phone.

Just like a cell phone through a service provider, a cellphone expert like can complete cellular phone forensics on a drop phone. An exact image of the phone’s hard drive is created and then analyzed. Data can be extracted and used as evidence.

In this case, even though the husband kept the drop phone with him at all times, the wife was able to replace the phone with a duplicate when he went to bed. She conveyed the original drop phone to . Using phone forensic software, we created the exact duplicate image. The phone was returned to her and she made the exchange again.

There was plenty of time to undertake a detailed cell phone analysis after the imaging was completed. We extracted the data from the phone that the attorney requested and provided the information and report to him. Like many cases, once we completed the assignment and provided the information to the attorney, we don’t know what happened with the couple. Our job is to uncover the facts – the truth – so good, informed decisions can be made.

Of course, all of the mobile device forensics completed by is done within cell phone legal compliance regulations. Therefore, if we are needed to testify in court on the mobile phone forensic process or the data extracted, is prepared and ready to serve.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations