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    Cell Phone Forensics Growing in Importance in Investigations

Cell Phone Forensics Growing in Importance in Investigations

Cell phone forensics is becoming more and more important in investigations. The use of cell phones and computers are like a journal or diary of users’ lives. Just from cell phones, a mobile phone forensic analysis by can reveal a great deal of data, including:

Dialed, incoming and missed calls (history logs)
Text messages
Instant message activity
Internet activity including search histories
Software, programs and apps
Video and audio recordings
Electronic documents and attachments
Phone setting information
Phone location information (using GPS) and cell phone tower triangulation

And, even when the user believes data has been deleted, it can often be retrieved though a cell phone forensic examination. Wireless forensics using phone forensic software can provide factual data useful to people many situations.

In criminal cases, forensic cell tower evidence and cell tower location [...]

Cellular Forensics Even Applies to Drop Phones

Data Extraction. That’s what provides the evidence so many of our clients want when they request a mobile phone forensic analysis. Cell phone forensic tools allow a cellular forensics specialist to create an exact image of the cell phone hard drive and from that, complete a mobile phone analysis. The analysis will uncover any evidence on the phone and the data can be extracted as proof.

has been doing cell phone forensics for a long while – before the proliferation of smart phones in the hands of just about everyone. For many, mobile phone forensics is new and they don’t understand the extent of the work we can do.

We had a case where a woman’s husband had started carrying a drop phone in addition [...]

Cell Phone Records Critical to Defense Attorney’s Arsenal

Cell phone forensics is becoming as important a tool for attorneys as DNA evidence. All you have to do is stand in line at any store or sit in any restaurant to see that most customers are either talking on one or using it to find the best deal or discount coupon. That proliferation of devices creates a window for cell mapping, cell tower triangulation and other cell phone forensics tools that can provide evidence to support guilt or innocence in connection with crimes – and defense of clients.

One of the tools mobile phone forensic analysis includes is the use of cellphone records.

Records could include a variety of information, including:

Records for blocked callers
Records for restricted callers
Call history
Text and email history

Cellphone Expert Analysis Comes Down to the Minute Details

We recently had a cell phone forensics case that illustrates exactly why cellphone forensic analysts are often considered cellphone experts.

Cell phone forensics was being completed to determine whether or not malware or cellular spyware had been installed on a client’s phone. The user was suspicious because there were some people who knew things that he didn’t want them to know. After talking to others around him he determined the only witness was the machine – it was a cellphone witness.

took the cell phone and began the process. The data was isolated and the file verified as an exact copy. Then the analyst began to extract all the data.

The phone user was a gamer. He had many, many different games loaded onto his phone. [...]

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