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Delete Doesn’t Mean Gone to a Cell Phone Analyzer

Delete. Delete. Delete. And you think it’s done and gone. Well, you’re probably wrong. Once information is searched out, read, written or stored on a digital device, it is most likely there forever – if only in bits and pieces. But for digital forensics teams, that is often enough to piece together a bigger picture. Not too long about there was quite a bruhaha in the media about a secret subpoena of two months’ worth of phone records from the Associated Press. Authorities went through the legal process for cell records and subpoenaed the cellphone records in order to piece together what they could about an alleged leak of sensitive national security information. They weren’t so concerned about cell tower triangulation or mobile phone tracking, [...]

Forensic Cell Tower Evidence is Accurate Only with Complete and Complex Analysis

received a call from a defense attorney on the east coast regarding a cellular forensics report he had received from the prosecution that concluded that the forensic cellular evidence proved his client was in the area of the scene of a crime at the time the crime was committed. The prosecutor had no physical evidence placing his client at the scene, and his client had an alibi corroborated by the client’s mother. He requested our cellphone expert review the report. Cell phone tracking using cellular tower triangulation is not as simple as it initially looks. And because it looks like a simple identification process, the conclusions can be inaccurate and erroneous. In order to accurately go about locating cellular locations, not only does the cell [...]

Cellular Forensics Even Applies to Drop Phones

Data Extraction. That’s what provides the evidence so many of our clients want when they request a mobile phone forensic analysis. Cell phone forensic tools allow a cellular forensics specialist to create an exact image of the cell phone hard drive and from that, complete a mobile phone analysis. The analysis will uncover any evidence on the phone and the data can be extracted as proof. has been doing cell phone forensics for a long while – before the proliferation of smart phones in the hands of just about everyone. For many, mobile phone forensics is new and they don’t understand the extent of the work we can do. We had a case where a woman’s husband had started carrying a drop phone in addition [...]

Bug Detection Out of the Office

During nice weather, business is conducted in a lot of places outside the office. Think the golf course or even on a boat. was called about Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services from a financial planner’s attorney.  His client had suddenly lost several clients to a specific competitor and was suspicious about why – and how. The common denominator was that the financial planner had entertained every one of the lost clients on his boat. Of course they had talked some business and the financial planner believed there must have been a listening device or some sort of spy equipment on the craft. When a TSCM sweep is requested, it is most often for an office or meeting facility. But in reality, a bug sweep can [...]

Cell Phone Forensics Exposes Source of Harassing Messages

was recently called into an interesting case that could have easily escalated into violence or a life changed forever. We got a call from an attorney who was representing a couple and their college-age daughter. The daughter was receiving harassing texts, calls and messages on her cell phone. They believed the former girlfriend of a new boyfriend was behind them. Their attorney knew it was possible to peel back the layers to get to an IP address to determine the source, but he didn’t know exactly how. So he called us. Part of the cell phone forensic process means obtaining records from the service provider. You have to use their language and have legal authority to request the records. Communicating and having the most precise [...]

Who is Safe from a Mobile Spy?

In a recent discussion with one of the cellphone experts at , I learned that the Blackberry is probably the least “hackable” phone out there. A cell phone forensic analysis can include what is called a password bypass. In fact, we have been asked to uncover passwords that had been lost or forgotten. That is possible for just about any phone – except the Blackberry. Instead of letting someone into the phone, it destroys data on the device. That explains why Blackberry is the preferred device for CEOs, political leaders (like the President), military and government agencies. Any organization that requires the most secure confidentiality opts for the brand. Users complain about the functionality and usability, but for the security of data, Blackberry is the [...]

Unfair Competitive Edge Can be Averted through TSCM Sweep

There are so many reasons for electronic surveillance. Just about any situation that includes a competitive element provides the impetus for covert surveillance. Corporate and industrial espionage may be what first comes to mind, but spy listening devices can be used in every industry and field. According to an ESPN article from April, 2012, there were allegations that New Orleans Saints general manager Mickey Loomis had an electronic listening device installed in the Superdome that allowed him to eavesdrop on visiting coaches for nearly three NFL seasons. Football in America is much, much more than just a game – it’s full of multi-million dollar businesses – and the competition on the field is only a small bit of the competition between the teams. Cell phone [...]

Cell Phone Forensics Investigation Calls for Expertise and Experience

Cell phone investigation and cell phone forensics requires a growing body of knowledge – and experience is becoming more and more important. The main reason is the continual progress in technology advancements. One aspect is the evolution of cell phones and operating systems. As a cell phone consumer you may think there are only a few real differences between the different cell phones on the market, I mean you can get a computer that uses one of three major operating system vendors: MS Windows OS X from Apple Inc. Linux OS That does not hold true for cellular phones. There are more operating systems for cell phones than for desktop computers. The top five include: Android OS Apple iOS Blackberry OS Symbian Microsoft And even [...]

Is Your Employee’s Phone a Mobile Spy Leaking Your Business Secrets?

All you have to do is sit in a coffee shop or lunchtime dining spot to hear that sensitive business information is being discussed. It may not be about a top secret merger or a hot new product, but information about how a company does business and who their customers are is bantered about in casual discussions. And with the proliferation of ILLEGAL spyware available on the Internet, cell phone spying is becoming more and more a problem. Here at , our mobile phone forensics team is being asked to conduct cell phone spyware detection for more and more businesses. Cell phone monitoring is most often regarded as a way for someone in a relationship to keep tabs on their partner, or in a stalking [...]

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) provides security – in more ways than one!

Many companies have Intellectual Property Protection insurance for protection. But insurance is only good after a theft or breach of confidential or proprietary information. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to prevent a loss before it happens? When a business hires to do a bug sweep, or more precisely, TSCM, it’s because they want to be proactive and protect proprietary corporate information from being leaked or lost. The TSCM process includes acting as a bug detector, revealing eavesdropping devices and spy equipment. But the actual bug detection services do much more. The benefits to a company or organization are much broader: Protection of damage to income and profits Continued viability of business strategy and processes Security of intellectual property Privacy, both corporate and personal is [...]

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