Many companies have Intellectual Property Protection insurance for protection. But insurance is only good after a theft or breach of confidential or proprietary information.

Wouldn’t it be a better idea to prevent a loss before it happens?

When a business hires to do a bug sweep, or more precisely, TSCM, it’s because they want to be proactive and protect proprietary corporate information from being leaked or lost.

The TSCM process includes acting as a bug detector, revealing eavesdropping devices and spy equipment. But the actual bug detection services do much more. The benefits to a company or organization are much broader:

  • Protection of damage to income and profits
  • Continued viability of business strategy and processes
  • Security of intellectual property
  • Privacy, both corporate and personal is protected
  • Fiduciary responsibility to stakeholders, including owners or stockholders is upheld

Stakeholders, owners and even employees have a greater appreciation for the organization when they know that a TSCM is being used to protect their investment and livelihood. It’s another level of security because phone tapping devices, computer surveillance and other electronic surveillance equipment and techniques are not readily noticeable to most people.

So when you have information or strategy or processes critical to the success of your organization, protect it from spy surveillance. Don’t let anyone infiltrate your territory with eavesdropping devices or covert surveillance. Uncover it before it infringes on your business.

A thorough TSCM Sweep by can provide the security you want and need. Why take chances?

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations