In a recent discussion with one of the cellphone experts at , I learned that the Blackberry is probably the least “hackable” phone out there.

A cell phone forensic analysis can include what is called a password bypass. In fact, we have been asked to uncover passwords that had been lost or forgotten. That is possible for just about any phone – except the Blackberry.

Instead of letting someone into the phone, it destroys data on the device. That explains why Blackberry is the preferred device for CEOs, political leaders (like the President), military and government agencies. Any organization that requires the most secure confidentiality opts for the brand.

Users complain about the functionality and usability, but for the security of data, Blackberry is the way to go.

For all other brand users, cell phone spying is a greater possibility. Cell phone monitoring or spyware is suspected most often when others have information that should not be available to them. Other signs of cell phone surveillance could include:

  • Background voices during calls
  • Background beeps and clicks during calls
  • Flashing or flickering of display
  • Slow Internet access
  • Decreased battery life
  • Phone battery is warm

If you are concerned about someone listening to and following you on your phone, mobile phone spyware detection is possible through cell phone analysis – as long as it isn’t a Blackberry!

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations