Cell phone investigation and cell phone forensics requires a growing body of knowledge – and experience is becoming more and more important. The main reason is the continual progress in technology advancements.

One aspect is the evolution of cell phones and operating systems.

As a cell phone consumer you may think there are only a few real differences between the different cell phones on the market, I mean you can get a computer that uses one of three major operating system vendors:

  • MS Windows
  • OS X from Apple Inc.
  • Linux OS

That does not hold true for cellular phones. There are more operating systems for cell phones than for desktop computers. The top five include:

  • Android OS
  • Apple iOS
  • Blackberry OS
  • Symbian
  • Microsoft

And even though they all offer similar functions and options, they are very different in the way they store information, access rights, and in the settings, characteristics and security features. Cellular phone forensics teams know that the operating system providers can actually have more than one system for phones and they must be educated in all of them.

When one generation of phone and system is replaced with another, variations are again made. And mobile device forensics must be completed by an expert who is familiar with each type of phone and operating system in order to ensure a complete mobile phone analysis.

It’s not just the growing base of knowledge of phones and operating systems that is important in mobile phone spyware detection; it is the amount of cell phone spy software that is becoming available. Even though cell phone spying is illegal in the United States, there is a proliferation of foreign spyware available on the Internet. Many of the vendors overseas do not inform potential customers that installing a mobile spy on someone’s phone is illegal. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to know that.

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-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations