Cell Phone Forensics Reveals Who is Watching YouOne thing that we realize here at is that a couple doesn’t have to actually be married to be caught in an emotionally charged – and challenging – situation.

For instance, one case we had was a couple who had been together for many years and had two children together. They never married and their relationship was “shaky” as she described it.

She felt sure that he had listening devices installed in their home and perhaps even a mobile phone tap. What made her feel she was surrounded by spy equipment? He traveled a great deal for work and their conversations were limited to once daily in the evening. And yet, he and the children knew things that she hadn’t shared with them. Several  things he mentioned had been shared in conversations with other family and friends and not yet discussed at home.

It made her wonder if there was covert surveillance of her movements outside the home and if even she was subject to computer surveillance. At first she just thought she was being overly sensitive and maybe a little paranoid, but when the instances kept piling up, she called .

The couple did not have a home land line, so the first and most efficient step was to complete a cell phone forensic analysis. Not only did she want mobile phone spyware detection, she wanted a complete cell phone investigation and then to have her phone wiped clean and factory reset.

Supposedly (the jury is still out) a factory reset eliminates all data on a phone and takes it back to the day it was handed to the owner in the box.

The woman wondered why her partner would go to these lengths – did he think she was cheating on him? (She insisted she wasn’t.) But then her perspective changed and she began to wonder if HE was cheating on HER.

Because of the change in perspective, she asked us to use our cell phone forensic tools on his mobile device. Not only that, but she wanted us to use his phone to determine the cell tower locations for forensic cell tower evidence and cellular tower triangulation.

After all was said and done, there was no evidence that either party was being unfaithful, apparently just suspicious. As is often the case, we don’t know how it all turned out in the end as far as the relationship is concerned; we just know that we were able to provide the facts for her to make a good decision.

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-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations