Experienced Forensic Investigators Have Seen it All and Know Where to LookSome people in the world put lots of time into being sneaky. Sometimes their goal is to elude the IRS by hiding money in offshore accounts or in hidden bank accounts under the names of friends or family. Sometimes the goal is insurance fraud or hiding property ownership. But whatever type of illegal activity you suspect, in your company or business, in your marriage or family, it’s very likely that you need help.

When you can’t track down the answers on your own; call on the skills and abilities of a private investigator. In fact, even your attorney may suggest services of a firm like . No longer simply identified as a professional sleuth, a few private investigation firms have certified computer examiners on staff as well as cell phone forensics experts. Digital forensics is becoming more useful – and necessary in investigations.

Investigators have access to various software programs and operating systems, cell phone forensic tools and computer investigation which will be of great value while you seek evidence regarding fraud, deception and other illegal activity.

Any computer or cell phone in question, which is owned or jointly owned by you, can immediately and legally be analyzed by a private investigator.

But if you find it necessary to access a computer or cell phone which does not belong to you, you will need a court order to achieve this. But don’t be discouraged. Understand that the possible hassle of acquiring a court order will very likely be worth the effort. And experts, like the staff, has the exact subpoena language for cell records that will quickly and efficiently result in the court order to preserve data before it is destroyed.

A professionally trained forensic investigator can retrieve deleted files and emails, deleted browser history and any encrypted or damaged files from the computers in question. That search for answers can also be conducted through the subject’s cell phone.

As we all know, cell phones contain the history of calls, made or received. Text messages can be retrieved, along with a list of contacts, GPS information and a calendar. Along with knowing how to track these pieces of evidence, he or she is also knowledgeable regarding how to safely preserve any evidence so that it is admissible in court proceedings.

So rest assured, no matter how sneaky a business partner or spouse may be, their efforts to deceive can be uncovered. Private investigators have seen people hide it all. And they know exactly where to look to find it, especially when they have the experience of !

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations