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    Look to a Private Investigator and Digital Forensics for Professional Help

Look to a Private Investigator and Digital Forensics for Professional Help

International Investigators received a call from a business owner. He said his new office manager spends an excessive amount of time on the phone. In fact, since some of her job requires her to be away from the office, her phone is company-issued. When she runs work-related errands, she is gone a lot longer than what he would deem necessary.

He had already addressed these concerns privately with his new employee. In fact, he had also reminded her that she is still on probation. A couple of weeks later, other office staff told him that the new employee has told co-workers that he made a pass at her during a meeting alone in his office. They also told him that she has plans to file [...]

Fugitive Recovery Agent Aided by Investigators

By the time Joe contacted International Investigators, he was beyond angry and frustrated. After all, Joe is a well known and well respected bail bondsman. He still believes that good people suddenly find themselves in some not-so-good situations, through no fault of their own.

Unfortunately, that is exactly why Joe ended up in a bad situation, which brought him to our office. A male acquaintance of Joe’s called him in the middle of the night, begging to be bailed out of jail. Joe knew the guy from the gym where they both worked out every morning. And so, when the guy tearfully explained that he had wrongly been arrested for dealing cocaine, Joe jumped out of bed and headed to the jail. The guy insisted [...]

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    Are You Being Watched? GPS vs. Cell Phone Spyware vs. Listening Devices

Are You Being Watched? GPS vs. Cell Phone Spyware vs. Listening Devices

Debi called International Investigators to ask that her vehicle be checked for an unauthorized GPS unit. She admits that she has been sneaking around behind Tom’s back (her boyfriend) but it was because she was planning a special birthday event for him. Tom’s best friend, Ryan, let it slip that Tom told him she was at a certain location and there was no way he could have known that. Now she suspects Tom has put a GPS unit on her car and is tracking her movements.

When someone asks about bug detection, which includes GPS units, we have to ask a lot of questions. A bug sweep is technically called Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or TSCM. And, frankly, we are discovering that more often than a [...]

Trends in Private Investigation for 2014

Clearly the investigative world continues to evolve. At International Investigators we have taken on the latest trends.

There is no one investigative technique that is best utilized and blended investigative strategies are more the norm. Two areas where International Investigators stays on the cutting edge are cellular forensics and social media engineering.

For example, the use of digital forensics has become a critical tool in the International Investigators resource box. We could be doing a cell phone analysis for data recovery or cellular forensics for cellular location evidence. Communication modes from test to email or call logs are all records to substantiate or refute claims of guilt or innocence. Cell phone forensic tools provide facts, not claims.

In 2013, industry experts predicted a significant rise in the [...]

Insider Tips about Cell Phone Spyware

In any given day at the offices of International Investigators, the phones ring with inquiries about cell phone spying. The conversation starts out that the caller suspects someone is listening to her conversations and she wonders she needs cell phone spyware detection services.

We ask about the common signs that spyware has been installed on a mobile device:

Is the battery warm when not in use?
Is the battery life noticeably diminished each day?
Are there small pauses in audible communication when talking?
Are there noises; light beeps, tones or clicks, throughout conversations?
Is there any sign of flickering or flashing on display or change of brightness on the phone?
Is the Internet access slower than usual?
And the big question: have you opened any emails or attachments from people you did [...]

The Objective Truth, is the Investigator’s Target

During her 30-year career as a private investigator, Caryn Gloyd has provided hundreds of court testimonies. She has logged thousands of hours of surveillance or digital forensics. She has spent countless hours tracking down and interviewing potential witnesses or suspects. In other words, Gloyd has seen it all and heard it all. But when she heard Georgetown Police Chief William Topping speak negatively about private investigators, Gloyd’s pride in her profession was challenged.

“Private investigators are there to prove their clients’ cases,” Topping said during a 2009 interview. “There’s no impartiality or neutrality. They get their orders from their employers.”

Gloyd went from feeling stunned to more than a little bit irritated by Topping’s statement. She felt that Topping was making a blanket statement that was [...]

Digital Forensics is Now Available to Public

You have probably heard the story about how ex-Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich spends his time these days. Right? He’s behind bars, serving a 14-year sentence for public corruption. A computer forensics expert found enough evidence for more than 18 charges to be filed against Blagojevich. He was caught trying to sell or trade a vacant U.S. Senate seat after President Obama left the Senate for the White House.

Because the world continues to demand more and more expertise with technology, digital forensics is in high demand. Defined as the application of science and engineering for the purpose of retrieving digital evidence in a legally acceptable manner, computer forensic analysis is not only used by police detectives. International Investigators are also well-versed in this area, with [...]

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    Cell Phone Forensic Investigation Finds Evidence to Support Gut Feeling

Cell Phone Forensic Investigation Finds Evidence to Support Gut Feeling

The owner of an aerospace company that manufactured parts for the government called with some concerns. Recently two of his key sales people had left the company under a cloud of suspicion. The company owner had no tangible proof of wrong-doing, but he had a feeling something wasn’t right.

Both of the employees had been with the company for more than seven years and had always been straight up with him. But over the last year he felt his relationship with them changed. There was a distance that had developed and when they both suddenly resigned, it just didn’t feel good.

They had left their computers and cell phones that were company issued. He’d had IT look at the computer, but both cell phones were locked [...]

Cell Phone Forensics Reveals Who is Watching You

One thing that we realize here at International Investigators, All In Investigations, Inc. is that a couple doesn’t have to actually be married to be caught in an emotionally charged – and challenging – situation.

For instance, one case we had was a couple who had been together for many years and had two children together. They never married and their relationship was “shaky” as she described it.

She felt sure that he had listening devices installed in their home and perhaps even a mobile phone tap. What made her feel she was surrounded by spy equipment? He traveled a great deal for work and their conversations were limited to once daily in the evening. And yet, he and the children knew things that she hadn’t [...]

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    When an Investigation Takes a Turn, International Investigators, All In Investigations, Inc. Has the Experts

When an Investigation Takes a Turn, International Investigators, All In Investigations, Inc. Has the Experts

There is so much to say about employee theft and employee embezzlement investigations that it is difficult to sort it out into just one topic. And that’s what we find the clients of International Investigators count on us for when they call. We are a one-stop service provider, we can provide whatever services are needed – here, in-house. Our clients don’t have to go to one service provider for handwriting analysis, another for covert surveillance and yet one other for computer forensic analysis or cell tower triangulation. International Investigators, All In Investigations, Inc. does it all and this is why that is so very important:

The attorney for a medium-sized small business contacted our office. His client was the company owner.  The owner had caught [...]