When an Investigation Takes a Turn,  Has the ExpertsThere is so much to say about employee theft and employee embezzlement investigations that it is difficult to sort it out into just one topic. And that’s what we find the clients of count on us for when they call. We are a one-stop service provider, we can provide whatever services are needed – here, in-house. Our clients don’t have to go to one service provider for handwriting analysis, another for covert surveillance and yet one other for computer forensic analysis or cell tower triangulation. does it all and this is why that is so very important:

The attorney for a medium-sized small business contacted our office. His client was the company owner.  The owner had caught what he thought was evidence of a long-time employee stealing from the company.  This case involved a number of investigative services:

  1. Computer forensic services. Our computer forensic investigator uncovered facts to require a complete computer data forensic recovery. The financial records uncovered then required an:
  2. Asset Investigation. As it turned out the forensic accountant was not searching for hidden money or trying to locate hidden accounts or even hidden assets. The subject took no pains to hide any possessions or accounts. The personal asset search uncovered a long list of high-ticket possessions. How were they purchased and paid for? That lead us to:
  3. Handwriting analysis.  What the personal and business asset search uncovered was the subject was forging checks from the company. The Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) used his 30+ years of experience to investigate the subject and others close to her who might have benefited from her embezzlement. The handwriting analyst collected exemplars and in his expert opinion the president’s signatures on the checks were forged signatures. After this, the subject’s attorney knew it was best to cooperate with the investigation and he provided her cell phone for:
  4. Cellular forensics. The question for investigators at this point was who else may have been involved in the employee theft? An intensive mobile phone forensic analysis was completed and no data was collected as evidence to indicate anyone else was involved.

The investigation also called for some physical surveillance and on-the-street, face-to-face interviews as well. The point being, that no matter what turn the case took, or what expertise was needed, was there ready to provide the service required. There aren’t many investigative firms that can say that – and that’s the reason has been one of the top firms for many, many years here in Indiana and in high-profile cases nationwide.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations