Navigation Via Smart Phone.During her 30-year career as a private investigator, Caryn Gloyd has provided hundreds of court testimonies. She has logged thousands of hours of surveillance or digital forensics. She has spent countless hours tracking down and interviewing potential witnesses or suspects. In other words, Gloyd has seen it all and heard it all. But when she heard Georgetown Police Chief William Topping speak negatively about private investigators, Gloyd’s pride in her profession was challenged.

“Private investigators are there to prove their clients’ cases,” Topping said during a 2009 interview. “There’s no impartiality or neutrality. They get their orders from their employers.”

Gloyd went from feeling stunned to more than a little bit irritated by Topping’s statement. She felt that Topping was making a blanket statement that was not only incorrect but potentially damaging to the field. Gloyd is a founding member of the World Investigators Network, founded in Delaware, which now boasts members from 54 countries.

Like the professionals at , Gloyd vehemently denies that she has ever tried to sway findings or witness testimony while working a case. Her interests center around nothing except answering her clients’ questions and suspicions. Her job is to skillfully find the truth. is committed to that same level of professional skill and objective ethics in every case they take on:

  • If you need to find a potential witness, we will provide your law office with impressive research skills, using various data bases and digital research to track down people, money, property and any other evidence or information you seek.
  • When your office suspects employee embezzlement or hidden assets, we have the technology to assist you with securing evidence for court proceedings.
  • If your client suspects their spouse of marital infidelity or that their soon-to-be-ex is hiding money in a divorce proceeding, can help you find the objective, truthful answers to those suspicions.

Working for defense attorneys, cellular phone forensics have been used to find the truth many, many times. Cellular tower triangulation and call records have provided the forensic cellular evidence needed to prove where an attorney’s client was located on a specific day at a particular time. Sometimes that evidence exonerated the client – sometimes not. Whether it proved innocence or guilt is not our objective. Providing the truth in a matter is.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations