Digital Forensics is Now Available to PublicYou have probably heard the story about how ex-Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich spends his time these days. Right? He’s behind bars, serving a 14-year sentence for public corruption. A computer forensics expert found enough evidence for more than 18 charges to be filed against Blagojevich. He was caught trying to sell or trade a vacant U.S. Senate seat after President Obama left the Senate for the White House.

Because the world continues to demand more and more expertise with technology, digital forensics is in high demand. Defined as the application of science and engineering for the purpose of retrieving digital evidence in a legally acceptable manner, computer forensic analysis is not only used by police detectives. are also well-versed in this area, with the ability to retrieve information from computers and cell phones for use in any investigation or legal proceedings. Legal permission from the device owner is required.

It’s important that appropriate and accurate subpoena language for cell records is used in the interest of time to obtain the appropriate court orders to preserve and obtain the digital evidence.

Using a variety of software programs and different operating systems, a computer forensics expert can answer many questions for you.

  • Are you suspicious of your business partner’s honesty?
  • Do you fear that your spouse has been hiding assets during the divorce process?

Keep in mind that a forensic investigator can locate deleted, encrypted or damaged computer files which may serve as evidence in an investigation. A private investigator can also retrieve lots of potentially valuable information from a cell phone. Again, with legal access granted, mobile phone forensic analysis can provide more answers by examining cellphone records and with sophisticated cell phone forensic tools. A log of incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, calendars and schedules and an address book are all accessible.

Digital forensics is an amazing avenue in the investigation of theft or destruction of intellectual property, financial crimes, property crimes, internet crime and fraud. Your private investigator will assist you with computer forensics consulting and cellular forensics to gather the evidence you need for the problems that must be resolved in your professional or private life.

–Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations