vector smart phone social media iconsClearly the investigative world continues to evolve. At we have taken on the latest trends.

There is no one investigative technique that is best utilized and blended investigative strategies are more the norm. Two areas where stays on the cutting edge are cellular forensics and social media engineering.

For example, the use of digital forensics has become a critical tool in the resource box. We could be doing a cell phone analysis for data recovery or cellular forensics for cellular location evidence. Communication modes from test to email or call logs are all records to substantiate or refute claims of guilt or innocence. Cell phone forensic tools provide facts, not claims.

In 2013, industry experts predicted a significant rise in the utilization of mobile device and cell phone spying. Malware is increasingly available – although illegal in the United States. The use of a mobile spy is seen in relationship issues, corporate espionage, theft of intellectual property and other instances of fraud. Cell phone spyware detection is now possible through most state and federal authorities, although the private sector usually finds little assistance unless a crime (other than the installation of spyware) is under investigation. That’s where cellular forensics firms with labs like can help. With one of only two major mobile phone forensic labs in the nation, has been on the forefront of cellular forensics for the last 10 years.

Do you realize there are approximately 1.19 billion active users on Facebook? 300 billion tweets sent on Twitter monthly and 16 billion photos shared on Instagram monthly?

With the prolific use of social media and more and more user relying on multiple devices, it is imperative that investigators utilize social media for investigative purposes. So much information is shared so freely that it becomes a digital street and neighborhood.

Social engineering allows investigators to walk beside or at least around a subject and their connections to gather information about whereabouts, activities, interests, jobs and more. It requires investigative experience and knowledge of the technology both.

has long developed and used all resources available to legally provide clients with the facts they need to make good, solid decisions. That goes for background investigations, hidden asset searches, finding missing people and tracking a spouse suspected of marital infidelity.

The trends for investigation evolve as everything in the world changes. You can count on to be out in the front keeping up with it all.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations