Signs an Employee May Need to Find Another Place to Spend 8 Hours a Day

  • They arrive late for work
  • They do not take pride in their appearance and show up for work looking like they just rolled out of bed
  • They constantly complain about not having money and are always borrowing money
  • They take too many breaks
  • Their personal life takes precedent over coming to work
  • They always look busy but get nothing completed
  • They make excuses for their lack of productivity
  • Their absenteeism becomes a pattern
  • Their cellphone is more important than the office phone or their work
  • Easily distracted


Reasons Employers Keep Unproductive Employees

  • Cost and time of training a replacement
  • Possible cost of certifications and education
  • Personal relationship
  • Small business owners lack time to interview
  • An increase in unemployment insurance rates
  • Believes the employee will change and do better
  • Hope that the employee will leave on their own- i.e. conflict avoidance
  • Tenure
  • Age of the employee


Costs and Risks Involved with Keeping an Unproductive Employee

  • Poor customer service
  • Negatively affect brand image
  • Loss of customers/clients
  • Higher risk of errors
  • Uncomfortable work environment
  • Disgruntled employees are likely to vent on social media about the company
  • One unfocused worker can easily influence and distract fellow employees
  • Low productivity harms long-term performance goals


Proper Steps to Hiring an Employee

It is easy to look good on a resume, but sometimes things are not what they seem.  Anybody can conduct a good interview, put on a front and maintain a false persona to disguise their lack of credentials and qualifications, even their experience and skills in specific fields.  “Smooth talkers” can easily sell themselves as the perfect fit for the position to land the job.

offers a Basic Pre-Employment Background Check to help you avoid these costly mistakes. This includes verification of the prospective employee’s Date of Birth and Social Security Number, any AKA’s (Also Known As), obtain all counties of residency to conduct Criminal History and Civil Litigation Searches.  If the employee’s job description includes driving a company vehicle or running errands for the business, it is wise to run a 10 Year Driving History.  When a Credit Check is needed for their position, this search is conducted only after the employee has signed an Authorization to Release Form.

Additional research may include personal references, employment verification, Education verification, Federal Criminal, Civil and Bankruptcy, social media, and checking the National and State Offender Registries.

Background checks are an essential piece of the puzzle. An in-depth Background Check verifies applicants are who they claim to be.  They also protect your company, your employees and your clients.

Pre-Employment Background Checks help an employer get a clear and truthful picture of a candidate regardless of the information shared during the interview process.  It is then easier for the employer to make an informed decision in selecting an applicant that is not only qualified for the position but can also be a long-term investment for the company.   has helped hundreds of companies in their hiring process by thoroughly checking applicant backgrounds to assure they hire the best candidate.