False-stampWe never know what the next phone call will bring us here at . Some of the most demanding cases have been those when someone is blamed for something that they did not do. It could be as serious as a felony where they face a long prison term, an accusation of employee embezzlement or a person whose spouse accuses them of marital infidelity.

You can hear the frustration – and fear – in their voices when they describe a situation and ask:

  • Have you ever been blamed for something you absolutely did not do?
  • Have you ever been in the company of a rat, but no one else around you seems to also realize that the rat is a rat? Instead, he presents himself as a regular boy scout – and people believe it.
  • Ever wished you could hear how your business partner talks behind your back about your decisions or requests, regarding the future of the business?
  • Have you ever been suspicious of a new employee or a coworker’s loyalty to the company?
  • Ever wanted to know if a potential new boyfriend or girlfriend is the person they claim to be?

By visiting , we can assist you with answering those questions and finding the truth in any of those situations plus countless others. We are experts in the field of high tech surveillance equipment. We utilize digital forensics in computer investigation and cell phone forensic tools to uncover mobile phone tracking or cell phone spying.

To uncover proof and evidence we utilize our experience regarding human behavior, hidden agendas and secretive discussions. But along with our understanding of behavior, our expertise in cutting edge digital forensics, data mining software and social media engineering, we pull out some of our favorite investigative tools:

  • Body cameras with audio
  • Bluetooth car devices
  • Button cameras
  • Car windshield video recorders
  • Motion-activated video, disguised as an air freshener or hidden inside a clock
  • Motion-activated video hidden in an outdoor rock, so you can later see who frequents your home or business when you aren’t there.
  • Tracking keys which serve as GPS units

With the highest regard for confidentiality, discretion and the professionalism we are known for, our investigators are expert researchers and diligent fact-finders.

When you need answers, call on us. For more than 40 years, we have investigated the truth in thousands and thousands of different cases. Let us put our investigative expertise to work for you.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations