Businessman Inputting Data On His Laptop ComputerIn today’s world, there is a lot of room for expertise. At , our expertise involves tracking down the truth and gathering facts to prove it. We do this confidentially and use highly sophisticated technology-based databases.

Your expertise might also be in a specialized area. But the point is that we can’t all be experts in all areas. For example, many business owners don’t know everything there is to know about computers. That skill isn’t a prerequisite to business ownership and is a big relief for many. Lots of company owners simply hire IT people to take care of everything related to computers. They don’t worry about what they don’t know since they are paying someone else to know.

Much of the time, that strategy works. But along with hiring specialists to keep up with the constantly advancing world of computers, we can’t forget the dangers. Perhaps your IT person spends most of her time making sure the server is functioning. No matter how good she might be, it’s impossible to be everywhere. Maybe she failed to detect that spyware has infiltrated your network. When that nightmare occurs, every piece of information in your computer might be stolen, copied, deleted or compromised in various other ways, all without your knowledge. Just ask some of the largest companies in America – Home Depot, Target or Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Security of our computers is not the only worry, though. Call on to not only conduct forensic computer analysis but mobile phone forensic analysis, too. With our years of experience, both as researchers and certified computer examiners, we will conduct digital forensics. We will install spyware detectors and also conduct spyware removal steps if malware is found. Using specialized cell phone hack detection strategies and tools, we can answer your questions about whether your cell phones have been compromised.

Because we work so closely with law enforcement officers and the court system, our investigators know exactly what is required in the legal process for cell records, especially in regard to using our findings in a court of law. will be a cellphone witness in court to serve as an expert and help you prove your truth.

That’s why we are the noted experts in this field.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations