declined Credit Card illustration designWhen he and his first wife divorced, Kevin struggled to accept his new life as a single guy. After nearly 30 years together, his first wife left the marriage with no warning. Their children were grown and gone, busy building their own lives. Kevin spent a couple of miserable years alone, trying to make sense of how to be suddenly alone in his mid fifties.

Then he met a great woman. For Kevin, it was love at first sight. Within three months, he and his new love, Anna, were married. Six months later, Kevin came in from work one afternoon to an empty house. Literally. Every single piece of furniture, even the kitchen appliances, everything was gone. Anna had left him, right in the middle of the honeymoon phase – and again, it was with no warning.

A couple of days later, when Kevin’s debit card was declined at the gas station, he realized that he might have a lot more to worry about than a broken heart and a bruised ego. He went to the bank to discover that the savings account and the checking account were both empty. No matter how much it hurt, Kevin had to face the fact that his loneliness had been used against him. He had been scammed.

He contacted the police. But he felt his case was not high on their priority list. His next stop was his attorney’s office. And their first call was to a private investigator.

At , we work with many attorneys and their clients on a wide spectrum of cases. In this case, the first task was to locate Anna. While Kevin was beating himself up for his ignorance and asking himself why he hadn’t taken time to conduct due diligence or at least some sort of background investigation, investigators immediately began an online investigation.

Finding missing people is a specialty of . So is background research investigation. And our reputation is built on the tenacity, perseverance and patience of our investigators.

We accessed several national databases to discover some facts about Kevin’s lost wife:

  • A national background check uncovered that she was already married to someone else.
  • An employment background check revealed that she had jumped from state to state over the last five years.
  • A criminal background search revealed that she had scammed two other men and was wanted in two other states. She was also wanted on charges regarding forged signatures and stolen identities, but had eluded authorities by moving hundreds of miles away.

Kevin knew she liked Facebook, so investigators were able to find her there and with adept social media engineering skills, uncover her location. As private investigators, do not make arrests, but we do work closely with law enforcement agencies in any area, police, armed with an arrest warrant, knocked on Anna’s door.

Formal charges were then filed against Anna, including those filed on Kevin’s behalf. Kevin knew that because of the swift action of these highly experienced investigators, justice would definitely be served. Contact if you are seeking truth – and justice.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations