Extramarital Affair:  a relationship between a married person and someone other than their spouse.

How can you prove your spouse is engaged in an extramarital affairAfter you find out that your significant other has been involved with someone else, you almost feel like there was a neon sign flashing above their head, it was so obvious, rear view thinking allows us to see things as they were, not at the moment.

That Neon Light can be a variation of many signs, it can be the feeling in your gut when you realize something is different, something has changed.  Maybe it’s the lack of attention, or maybe it’s the extra attention being paid upon you so you won’t suspect anything.  It can be the lack of communication or the constant communication that allows him or her to determine your moves, your activity, are you going to work late, are you going out with friends, anything that would allow them the extra time to engage in the extramarital affair.

Affairs don’t usually occur in the marital residence and most spouses engaged in discreet affairs don’t share that information with family or friends.  But there are ways of finding the truth.

  • Tracking their vehicle with a GPS Unit, this can give the google location of their vehicle in real time. You must have legal access to the vehicle.  If the party visits a residence, we can obtain the names of all individuals linked to that address.
  • Surveillance ~ A cheating spouse engages in activity that can be documented by video and still photos. *We have had clients that request a motion activated device be put inside their spouse’s vehicle.  It is illegal to record a conversation that you are not a party to.  This is a Federal Offense that can have harsh consequences.  DO NOT RESORT to this type of activity.
  • Cellular Forensic Analysis ~ Forensically Imaging their device for deleted data, to include text messages, calls (incoming and outgoing) photos, etc. Again, you must have legal access to their device.  Are they calling the same person over and over, are there text messages to a certain number late at night.
  • Customer Name and Address ~ We can provide the name and address to a cellular or landline number. The name could be an acquaintance, a co-worker, or someone completely unknown.
  • Asset Investigation ~ Are they hiding assets from their spouse with no intention of disclosing and spending from that account to finance their secret affair?  A good financial investigator like we have at can conduct a nationwide asset search so if they have an account outside of the state you reside, we will find it.

If you suspect your spouse may be involved in a relationship outside of your marriage, a call to , can prove or disprove your suspicions.

– Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations,