Hi-Level Background Checks & Finding the Right PersonApplying for a Hi-Level Position, such as a CEO, CFO or President of a large company can be just the beginning. Before any Corporation can make a decision in hiring such an individual they will hire a private investigator with , to have a Hi-Level Background Check conducted any perspective candidates. Private Investigators are being utilized in this capacity due to their ability to access information many businesses would not have access to and here at we have the ability to access some of the most sophisticated databases not available to the public and many small and inexperience investigative companies.

In one such hiring, we conducted three simultaneous background checks upon three very impressive men with an equally impressive Curriculum Vitae’s. The Corporation wanted an in depth and thorough due diligence investigation check before picking the right candidate. Each Resume we received began with the Social Security Check to determine the accuracy of the SSN assigned to each. Then we verified the Date of Birth and any AKA’s linked by name, SSN and DOB. We verified all counties of residency and counties of employment for Civil and Criminal Histories going back over 10 years.

We conducted a social media search for any negative postings and/or posting that would be inappropriate for the position applied for. We compiled a comprehensive personal profile and ran each candidate through an extensive reference check and employment history for both negative and positive information. Many times, we conduct financial backgrounds all done with the authorization of the candidate. At the conclusion of our background check, we provided our Client with a report for them to match the job with the right applicant.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations