Navigation via Smart phone.Cell phone forensics is becoming as important a tool for attorneys as DNA evidence. All you have to do is stand in line at any store or sit in any restaurant to see that most customers are either talking on one or using it to find the best deal or discount coupon. That proliferation of devices creates a window for cell mapping, cell tower triangulation and other cell phone forensics tools that can provide evidence to support guilt or innocence in connection with crimes – and defense of clients.

One of the tools mobile phone forensic analysis includes is the use of cellphone records.

Records could include a variety of information, including:

  • Records for blocked callers
  • Records for restricted callers
  • Call history
  • Text and email history
  • Cellular location evidence
  • Cell tower location

Carriers and service providers are not in business to keep records; they are in business to make money. That, along with the massive amount of information created by the millions of users means that records are not retained indefinitely. A request for preservation of specific records has to be made quickly and properly in order to preserve them before they are routinely eliminated.

Because time is of the essence in these situations, the legal wording for cell records and the subpoena language for cell records is critical. Here at , we have specialized expertise in working on these cases and knowing specifically what is required in the legal process for cell records. The fact is that each carrier has different requirements – and we know them all because we have worked with all carriers time and again. And that knowledge and experience means we don’t have to waste time perfecting a preservation letter. We can provide that service to attorneys right away, without hesitation when every minute counts.

In these situations, mobile phone analysis is more than just getting records. Accurate cell mapping and cell tower triangulation is critical. So, along with preserving the records right away, is ready to roll. By providing factual data and analyzing that data precisely, we provide an expertise to defense lawyers that is cutting edge and could be just what they need for their case.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations