Set of touchscreen smartphonesThe smart cell phone is becoming one of the most influential producers of evidence for authorities. has been on the forefront of cell phone forensics since the beginning. As cellular forensics evolves, we stay in step with developments.

Locating cellular locations and turning cellular tower triangulation into forensic cellular evidence has become more commonplace and almost a routine in many investigations. Mobile phone analysis to extract data including emails, instant messages and text messages provides evidence, too.

The evolution of the technology has continued and now, much of the information in a phone is also stored “on the cloud.” Forensic data analysis by a computer forensic specialist using data extraction software and protocol can produce evidence that is court-worthy. It’s also true that many phones backup to the cloud which means evidence can also be gleaned from that source – but only by experts in forensic data recovery.

works closely with defense attorneys in many cases requiring cell phone or computer forensic investigations. In one case, the defendant was accused of robbing a store and injuring the storekeeper. Although the defendant claimed to be elsewhere, there was no one to corroborate his alibi.

First our cellphone expert started with cell tower triangulation. Locating the cellular location was only partially helpful since he did not make many calls so the forensic cell tower evidence left gaps in the timeline.

However, his cell phone was a tool in recreating his whereabouts during those gaps. He had plans to propose to his girlfriend and while researching rings, he took pictures and even created a video of a place he thought he might like to hold the proposal. With cell phone forensic tools, evidence was collected of those time-stamped images and provided to the defense attorney. The attorney was able to identify the locations of the photos and video and therefore create a timeline of the movements of the defendant, which was admissible in court.

Mobile phone forensic analysis is evolving and you can count on to stay in step with new developments. With hundreds of cell phones available, the amount of phone forensic software needed is limiting new labs, but continues to build on its library and is therefore is available to service many clients.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations