FraudAs our clients know, earned our excellent reputation because we are results oriented. Definitely, we think outside the box, approaching every case with a willingness to use whatever skills and resources necessary to gather evidence. Even the best of scam operators can’t slide past our investigative tools since those tools and research skills are also mixed with persistence and the highest level of confidentiality.

These facts about our agency bring insurance companies to our door. Recently a claims agent called because one of the business owners the company insures came to them with some concerns. He was certain that at least one of his employees was fraudulently collecting workers compensation benefits. But he had recently heard gossip about a second employee who was also drawing these benefits. Jim wondered if in fact the rumors might be valid. Was it possible that both employees worked as a team to fake injuries and commit workers comp fraud?

The claims had been filed separately with significant time between them, so the agent did not connect the two. He needed facts. And he needed these discoveries to be permissible as evidence in a probable court hearing.

Using information the business owner provided from employee files, identified the addresses of these two people. Research on data bases provided interesting facts about both employees. This was definitely not their first rodeo. They were romantically linked and had drawn workers compensation in other states. In one of those cases, one employee successfully sued her employer for damages and won an undisclosed settlement.

Utilizing surveillance equipment, our insurance fraud investigators gave the insurance company more than enough evidence to prove workers compensation fraud. Thanks to , they had:

  • Video recordings with cameras zeroed in on the male suspect as he left a doctor’s office and removed a back brace before climbing back into his car.
  • Video recording of the male suspect as he unloaded a truckload of fire wood.
  • Audio recording when a female investigator posed several times as a “new girl in town,” and wore a listening device while engaged in conversation with the female suspect, while she was tending bar. More incriminating evidence was gathered against the female when she laughed and shared with our undercover investigator that she was illegally drawing workers compensation. She was pretending that she developed migraine headaches after a staged slip and fall accident at her workplace.

Insurance fraud costs businesses and citizens millions of dollars every year. Although insurance companies have a reputation for not wanting to pay out on claims, they have to do everything they can to protect their clients from the expense of fraudulent claims. If a claim is legitimate, can prove it. If a claim is fraudulent, we can gather the evidence to prove that, too. We just get the facts and truth.

-Brenda McGinley, CEO, All in Investigations, All in Investigations